Associate Professor
Lutful I. Khan, Ph.D., P.E.
Dr. Lutful I. Khan joined the civil and environmental engineering department at Cleveland State University in 1991 after obtaining his Ph.D. from Lehigh University, Pa. He teaches geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering courses in the graduate and undergraduate levels. His research interests include soil remediation, soil stabilization, porous media flow and fuel cells. Dr. Khan has worked extensively with the Electrokinetic (EK) Decontamination Method of clay soils and has several publications in this area. He has developed a new method for extracting metal contaminants from granular soils using coupled electric and hydraulic gradients. The process is termed as 'CEHIXM' method.
Dr. Khan has developed a porous media based phase separation system in collaboration with NASA-Glenn Research Center. The system could be applied for selective liquid phase separation in terrestrial as well as reduced gravity environments.

SH 116, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio-44115. Tel: 216-687-2231, Fax: 216-687-5395, email: L.KHAN@CSUOHIO.EDU


Research Interests

Flow in Porous Media under electric and hydraulic gradients
Soil decontamination by electrokinetic method
Soil stabilization
Non-destructive subsurface characterization

Courses Offered

CVE 331: Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
CVE 332: Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
CVE 429: Foundation Design and Analysis
CVE 430: Advanced Soil Mechanics
CVE 431: Advanced Foundations
CVE 440: Soil Stabilization & Decontamination
CVE 530: Advanced Soil Mechanics
CVE 531: Advanced Foundations
CVE 540: Soil Stabilization & Decontamination
ESC 201: Statics
ESC 202: Dynamics