Temporary Online Location for PRAM Downloads

ACADEMIC USERS: I have the authority to share the two existing versions of PRAM (A Program for Reliability Assessment with Multiple Coders) with others for academic purposes only.  Given that email systems currently do not allow me to email the programs--even disguised with extensions of .ss--I have set up this temporary online site for you to download the programs.  The large titles "PRAM 0.4.5" and PRAM 0.4.7" below are links to the files.

Both files have the extension .ss.  Once you have saved the files to your machine, just change the extensions to .exe and they should work on any PC operating system prior to Windows 7 (for newer operating systems, see the note at the bottom of this page).  Unfortunately, PRAM will not run on a Mac.

Some background on PRAM:  The authors and owners are two engineers at NASA (formerly engineering graduate students at Cleveland State University). For years, the PRAM authors/owners distributed the current "trial" version of the program via their own "geocities" web site under their business title, Skymeg Software. That web site is now gone, and the PRAM authors are not planning to reinstate it.  They do plan some changes and upgrades to the program, and may begin to charge for future versions.  The two versions of PRAM that I currently have and am empowered to share with academics are:  PRAM version 0.4.5, the version that was previously available online as a download, and PRAM version 0.4.7, which has a couple of small upgrades, but also has a small programming problem.  Unlike PRAM 0.4.5, PRAM 0.4.7 will provide the Fleiss multicoder kappa coefficient (it comes automatically with Cohen's kappa, actually) and also the various Krippendorff's alphas (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).  HOWEVER:  the Krippendorff's alphas have not been validated with statistical checks.  (All other statistics have been checked, including the multicoder kappa.)  And, for some unknown reason, PRAM 0.4.7 will on occasion fail to produce Scott's pi. 

So, I recommend using PRAM 0.4.7 over PRAM 0.4.5, unless you happen to really want Scott's pi and PRAM 0.4.7 will not provide it--then use PRAM 0.4.5 for that.  And I recommend reporting any Krippendorff's alphas with caution, due to the lack of statistical verification.

You may wish to consult the brief instructions for PRAM on the web site for my book (The Content Analysis Guidebook)  at http://academic.csuohio.edu/kneuendorf/content/reliable/pram.htm, as the PRAM program has no "help" function. This web page includes instructions on how to set up your data file for PRAM. 

Also, I would appreciate it if you would cite The Content Analysis Guidebook as the source for information about the program in any papers or publications that result from your work with PRAM, so that others will be able to find the program (especially in light of the fact that the program's original web site is now defunct).

Kim Neuendorf

Kimberly A. Neuendorf, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Communication
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH  44115


To download:

PRAM 0.4.5

PRAM 0.4.7


NOTE: PRAM will not run on some operating systems that are 64-bit. That would include some versions of Vista and Windows 7. From our engineer Rick Pitchford: "Windows 64-bit operating systems can usually run 32-bit applications with no problems. The problem PRAM apparently has is its reliance on the (32-bit) Windows ActiveX library file 'comdlg32.ocx'. A library file has generic pieces of programs available for use by any application that may require it. From the name, I am guessing 'comdlg32' is a communication dialog window interface for 32-bit programs. But, the 64-bit version of Windows 7 does not install it for use by 32-bit applications. The work-around is to download and copy the needed comdlg32.ocx to the computer and register it. That means you need to officially tell the operating system where it is so applications can use it. To register the file, you must open up a 'Run' box (START, RUN...) and type 'REGSVR32 MSCOMCTL.OCX' (without the quotes). (REGSERV32 is the application that registers services for 32 bit applications.)"

Here are a couple of tips on ways to try to do this "fix" if you need it:

1. A PRAM user running Windows 7 64-bit had problems. He notes:

"When you try to open the file in Windows 7 you will get an error that says 'comdlg32.ocx is missing or invalid.' This is a Microsoft basic program file that is not used in Windows 7. To make the program work in W7 download a copy of the missing file here:
http://windowsxp.mvps.org/comdlg32.htm. Save and register it in the same folder as the PRAM software."

2. Another PRAM user with a 64-machine found tip #1 not to work, but was able to get a fix at: