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2005 Picture This Short Screenplay Awards


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Additional Workshops to be Scheduled in 2006!

These workshops are being scheduled based on student interest; please register your interest by email at picturethis@csuohio.edu


Producing the Short Film

The producer of an independent film has a big job. Learn what it takes to do it right and protect your film from the pitfalls many filmmakers fall into. Become trained in how to break down a screenplay, budget for it, and schedule it to get the most for your money and keep your cast and crew happy. Learn how to make deals, hire a crew, get permits, pick locations, manage the production, work with the editor, and market your film.

About the instructor: Kate Amer had been involved in the production of many films shot in the Cleveland area since her first, 1987's Light of Day. Her work as production manager or production supervisor on such films as Major League, Telling Lies in America, Renegade Force, House Arrest, Against the Ropes, and The Year That Trembled has brought her into contact with numerous film professionals from around the country.

Advanced Screenplay Topics with Les Roberts

Learn advanced aspects of screenplay writing and narrative structure from
one of the region's most noted authors. Drawing on the instructor's vast experience in writing for television and in authoring mystery novels, the workshop will include units on adapting from novel to screen, and on the influence of mystery and film noir genres on current trends in film and television. This workshop is for emerging writers with at least one screenplay completed and established writers. The workshop is limited to 15 people. All students must send a brief writing sample to workshops coordinator Dr. Kim Neuendorf at least one week before the start of the workshop (emailed to k.neuendorf@csuohio.edu).

About the instructor: Les Roberts has written dozens of novels and screenplays and won numerous awards for his fiction. In addition, Roberts writes for the Plain Dealer and reviews films on WHK 1420AM. The Mayor of Cleveland recently declared June 17th Milan Jacovich Day, the name of the fictional Cleveland detective featured in 13 of Les Robert's novels.


Hollywood Insights with Dan O'Shannon

Hollywood writer/producer Dan O’Shannon (Frasier, Newhart, Cheers) hopes to return to Cleveland State to offer free lectures regarding his experiences writing for episodic television and for film. His recent work with famed animator Bill Plympton (The Fan and the Flower) promises to provide the basis for an in-depth consideration of the collaborative filmmaking process.

About the instructor:

Dan O'Shannon, award-winning writer and producer, served as Executive Producer/Executive Consultant of Frasier from 2000 through 2004. Mr. O'Shannon is a native of Northeast Ohio, a past Cleveland State University student, and a former writer for The Cauldron. Working in network television since 1988, he has served as writer or story editor for Newhart, Cheers, and Frasier. His producing credits include Cheers, The Boys, Maggie, and Frasier. His awards include the Emmy, Golden Globe, Writers Guild Award (in 2003, for Frasier), and an Academy Award nomination for writing the 1998 Disney animated short film, Redux Riding Hood. Mr. O'Shannon received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Cleveland State University in 2003.


FUTURE WORKSHOPS & ACTIVITIES (for more info, see below right):

* Producing the Short Film--We hope to repeat this popular, comprehensive workshop by Kate Amer sometime in 2006, depending on demand; register your interest with Picture This at picturethis@csuohio.edu.

* Advanced Screenplay Topics with Les Roberts--Hoping to schedule in the near future; register your interest with Picture This at picturethis@csuohio.edu.

* Hollywood Insights with Dan O'Shannon--Depending on Mr. O'Shannon's schedule in L.A., free lectures will be offered in the School of Communication at Cleveland State. Get on our email list now to receive announcements: picturethis@csuohio.edu!



January 2006 Workshop: Sound for Film
* Course Description & Instructor
March/April 2005 Workshops: The Art of Comedy; Human Movement and the Camera; Beyond Editing--Special Post-Production Techniques; Screenwriting for the Short Film
* Course Descriptions
* Instructors
January 2005 Workshops: Cinematography; Directing the Short Film; Producing the Short Film; Lighting and Grip
* Course Descriptions
* Instructors



2005 Production of Short Film, "Nora Falls"
















What is Picture This? A two-year series of activities in support of regional filmmaking education and advancement, funded by the President's Initiative Fund program (a partnership of the Cleveland Foundation, the George Gund Foundation and Cleveland State University).

Picture This Year 1 (2003-04) included a production assistant training program and a workshop in digital video production culminated in a three-day 16 mm shoot of the sci-fi educational short film, An Arts Odyssey. Other activities included post-production of the short film (including music scoring), an in-depth survey of leaders in the regional film community about current issues and future directions, and the first annual Short Screenplay Competition.

Picture This Year 2 (2004-05) activities are listed at the right of this page.









Picture This:
The Filmmakers Program @ Cleveland State University Presents:

Initiatives for regional filmmakers and students!

Workshops I--Four workshops in support of short film production were held in early January, 2005. Cinematography for the Short Film, Directing the Short Film, and Lighting/Grip were held January 7-8-9. Producing the Short Film took place on January 14-15-16. The four workshops will lead up to the actual production of a short 16mm film (see "Short Film Production" below). These highly successful workshops brought together scores of students from CSU and the community at large, and a stellar roster of professional, community-based instructors.

Workshops II--New workshops designed to meet unmet demands in the regional filmmaking community were offered in March and April of 2005: (1) Advanced Post-Production (inc. Special Effects, Sound Effects, DVD Authoring), (2) Movement for the Camera (inc. innovative camera exercises, combat techniques and dance, a workshop for directors, shooters, and performers), (3) Short-form Screenwriting, and (4) Advanced Screenwriting--The Art of Comedy. Enrollment may be for CSU credit, or via Continuing Education. Click for:

Spring Workshop Descriptions

Short Film Production--In June of 2005, Picture This completed principal production on Nora Falls (formerly titled, Fear Comes to Paxton Street). Written by Cleveland writer Kimberley Butler, the film's script is the winner of the 2004 Picture This Short Screenplay Competition (see 2004 Winners List). Workshop I participants served as apprentices and production assistants to a professional crew headed by Director Chad Kapper and Producer Sean Reid, who were competitively selected from regional applicants. Click for more information about:

Production of Nora Falls

The 2005 Picture This Short Screenplay Competition--This is the program's second year of the region's only short screenplay competition. Screenplays may be submitted in three categories: Best Screenplay, Best Student Screenplay, and Best Screenplay on the 2005 Theme: Contemporary Issues in Immigration. One winner among the three becomes eligible for 16mm production (pending funding). Entries had to be received by February 1, 2005.

The Cleveland Regional Filmmakers Online Resource Center--A collaboration of Picture This and the Greater Cleveland Media Development Corporation, Greater Cleveland's Film Commission, this site will provide guidance on everything the indie filmmaker might need. Currently under development, the "FORC" website will be reachable by clicking HERE.

Online Survey of the Area Film Community--An ongoing assessment of the needs and vision of those involved in filmmaking in the Cleveland area will be available by clicking HERE.




CSU homepage

Picture This may be reached at:

Picture This, MU 265
c/o School of Communication
Cleveland State University
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An Arts Odyssey now complete (version 1.1)

The Year 1 CSU Independent Film School 2003 participants worked on a short narrative film scripted and shot on 16mm during the 2003 summer program, a collaboration of CSU and Independent Pictures. The nonlinear editing was executed on Avid equipment in the CSU Digital Video Communication Center. Musical scoring was provided by members of CSU's Music Department.

For more information about the evolution of An Arts Odyssey, click on The Scripting Process, The Training Program, and The Shoot below.




The Picture This 2004-05 Executive Board:

Ron Abate, Ph.D., College of Education, Cleveland State University

Austin Allen, Ph.D., Director of Media Arts & Technology, School of Communication, Cleveland State University

John Ban, M.A., Digital Coordinator, DVComm Center, School of Communication, Cleveland State University

Chris Carmody, President, Greater Cleveland Media Development Corporation, Greater Cleveland's Film Commission

Dennis DeCoulo, Ph.D., College of Education, Cleveland State University

Lynn Deering, Ph.D., Head, Dance Department, Cleveland State University

Mara Evans, M.E. Productions

Claude File, M.F.A., Department of Drama, Cleveland State University

Rick Fromet, Director of Local Production, Adelphia Cable, Cleveland, OH

Christina Grozik, Greater Cleveland Media Development Corporation, Greater Cleveland's Film Commission

Barbara Hanniford, Director of Continuing Education, Cleveland State University

Kasumi Minkin, T.I.M.E. (Digital Arts), Cleveland Institute of Art

Kimberly Neuendorf, Ph.D., School of Communication, Cleveland State University

Michael Rand, M.A., Interim Director, Department of Drama, Cleveland State University

Matthew T, 20,000 Leagues Under the Industry Film Festival

Eric Ziolek, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Music, Cleveland State University