Puerto Vallarta (2002)

Both Puerto Vallarta and our resort hotel perched along the lengthy shore of Banderas Bay, a cresent-shaped and mountain-range-ringed coastal area on the western edge of Mexico along the Pacific Ocean.

The bay views from our hotel were fantastic, streching for miles along both arms of the protected coastline.

We spent one day aboard the Isis, a schooner built in the Netherlands in the 1930s and now used for whale-watching expeditions around the bay, and thus were able to appreciate even more just how big and beautiful the natural coastal surroundings hereabouts are as we motored out to the Amicus Islands at the mouth of the bay for a bit of snorkeling (catching glimpses of a few cavorting whales and other sea creatures along the way).

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desert at Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta (2002) street scene, Puerto Vallarta (2002)

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