Puerto Vallarta (2002)


Our culinary adventures in Puerto Vallarta provided a series of exquisite highlights to our vacation experience.

All our meals -- at Azulejos, Finestra and La Perla (three of the four restaurants in our hotel) and the River Cafe, Trio, Cafe des Artistes, the Red Cabbage and La Bistro Jazz Cafe (in downtown Vallarta) -- proved memorable dining outings.



Azulejos, Camino Real Resort Hotel, Puerto Vallarta (2002)



We breakfasted daily at our hotel beach-side at Azulejos within sound of the crashing surf.






The River Cafe, Puerto Vallarta (2002)



Our meal at the River Cafe on Isla Cuales in the middle of the Rio Cuale was among our favorites -- and the setting prompted Heidi's observation that the entire scene seemed somehow "Disneyesque" in its perfection and attention to detail.




La Perla, Camino Real Resort Hotel, Puerto Vallarta (2002)Lee and Heidi at La Perla (2002)
The service was impeccable at La Perla, the award-winning gourmet restaurant in our hotel. We ate lightly that particular evening but still appreciated immensely the chef's complementary appetizer and desert offerings.

Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta (2002)Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta (2002)

We especially enjoyed dinner at Cafe Des Artistes, served in a lush outdoor garden setting; the various indoor dining rooms had their charms as well. Here, too, the service was impeccable and the food, quite extraordinary, as befits the restaurant many regard as the best in the city.

Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta (2002)Cafe des Artistes, Puerto Vallarta (2002)


Red Cabbage Cafe, Puerto Vallarta (2002)
In search of authentic Mexican dishes we ventured forth one evening to find the Red Cabbage Cafe (Cafe Repollo Rojo), a bit off the beaten track but well worth the effort -- Heidi's pollo mole was an especially noteworthy treat.

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