Papers must be submitted TYPED and DOUBLE SPACED with one inch margins on all sides. Typefaces used must be no larger than 12 point [pica] and no smaller than 10 point [elite]; do NOT use fancy typefaces.

Refer to an appropriate STYLE MANUAL to assure conformity to a consistent format through out the paper. Be certain the paper is well organized and contains an appropriate introduction and an easily discernible conclusion.

Be aware of any SPECIFIC CRITERIA established by the instructor regarding this particular assignment.

Some instructors require all papers be computer processed for easy revision, others establish submission-deadline for preliminary drafts pof the essay or other portions of assigned research project. A specific style manual, annotation style or bibliographic format ("Works Cited" or "Works Consulted") might be prescribed. Evaluation, approach or content-specific criteria might be imposed. Due -date and late paper policyies might differ.

Instructors also reserve the right to restrict or enlarge the stated requirements found in this style sheet (and their application to specific assignments) as appropriate.

It is the student's responsibility to know and abide by these policy guidelines and to realize that they frequently vary from instructor to instructor across the department
Any EXCEPTIONS to established guidelines must be negotiated with the instructor prior to the due date of the individual assignment affected.

If using a computer, DO NOT JUSTIFY the right hand margin unless employing a justified typeface; such justification frequently makes the paper harder to read and often results in incorrect spacing before punctuation and between words
Put PAGE NUMBERS on each page. Exceptions: the coversheet gets no number; page 1 is either not marked at all or at the bottom center.

For every quotation, paraphrase or reference to an idea found in a book or article, include proper ANNOT'ATION. Following the punctuation ending the material needing such annotation, provide a raised reference number. In parentheses immediately following (in-text note), at the bottom of the page (footnote) or at the end of the paper (end note), list your citations, providing the author's name, short title and page number of the' annotation source; use commas to separate name, title and page references.

Use direct quotations sparingly. Short quotations should be incorporated within double quotation marks directly in the body of the essay; long quotations (used rarely) should be indented and single-spaced without any quotation marks around them.

Be sure to distinguish between editor's commentary and the primary text. If you use an editor's remarks, give appropriate credit in an in-text, foot or end note.

On average, a ten-page research paper has at least fifteen to twenty notes.

List sources used in writing the paper in a BIBLIOGRAPHY on a separate sheet at the end of the essay; arrange books and articles used in the paper in alphabetical order (do NOT number bibliographic entries) according to the following format:

Family Name, Given Name(s). Book Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication.


Doyle, William. Origin of the French Revolution. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988.

Note punctuation; also note that the second and following lines of a bibliographic entry are indented.
Book titles or the names of periodicals must be underlined or italicized; titles of articles should be placed within "double quotation marks".

Do NOT include texts, dictionary entries or encyclopedia articles in any bibliography.

Avoid PLAGIARISM. "Plagiarism' is copying, paraphrasing or referring to ANY work that is not your own without giving credit to the original author. Do not accidentally (or purposefully) commit an act of plagiarism. Any student who knowingly gives or receives unacknowledeed help on any written work submitted (including examinations) or who plagiarizes other sources will be subject to the penalties presecribed by the University.

Attach a separate COVERSHEET indicating a title for your paper (something more original than Essay Assignment or Book Review) -- do NOT enclose this title in quotation marks; also list on the coversheet the specific assignment the submission meets, your name, the number and title of the course, the instructor's name and the submission date.

STAPLE the paper together using a single staple in the top left-hand corner. Do NOT turn down the corner of the pages or use paper clips to hold the essay together; do NOT use report covers, plastic or paper.

PROOFREAD your final draft before submission. Writing a research paper is a formal academic exercise; presentation and appearance form an integral part of the final product. Neatness counts,
Proof your paper carefully to correct organizational, grammatical, syntactical, spelling and/or typing errors before submitting it to the lnstructor. A large number of errors will lower your grade.

In particular, watch for the following common errors: an " 's" for the plural rather than the possessive form (or an "s" without an apostrophe for the possessive); the difference between "its"and "it's", "there" and "their", 'woman" and "women"; references to people as "that" instead of "who".
Avoid colloquialisms such as "a lot", "kind of', "sort of', "like", "got", and all contractions of verbs (such as "wasn't", "isn't", "doesn't", 'haven't").

Submit the ORIGINAL copy of your typed or printed paper to the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to keep a copy (photocopied or on disk) of anv completed paper submitted instructor evaluation. Also retain all notes, outlines or preliminary drafts used in writing the paper; instructors reserve the right to examine any or all of this material prior to assigning a grade to thesubmitted work.