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Union Terminal, Showing Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Cleveland, Ohio

Union Terminal, Showing Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Cleveland, Ohio (detail)


This annotated listing of resources below should direct you to useful and important sources of information about Cleveland's history, In most cases initial access to these resources (or a description thereof) is available on the World Wide Web. If your own independent searches bring up other sites we ought to consider, please contact us by email.

THE RESOURCE CENTER FOR GREATER CLEVELAND HISTORY is part of the Cleveland State University Library's Special Collections section. The strengths here include special concentrations on the history of Cleveland journalism , the industrial history of Northeast Ohio, and the built environment of the city. Nearly twenty different sets of materials are described, and increasingly significant parts of each collection are being made available online.

PICTURING CLEVELAND'S PAST draws on many of the Special Collections maintained by the Cleveland State University Library system to provide a visual portrait of the city's architecture, points of interest and the City of Lakewood (one of the area's earliest suburban communities).

The CLEVELAND DIGITAL LIBRARY, also maintained by the Cleveland State University Library, is perhaps the best place to start any exploration of materials about Cleveland that might be available online. You can search here for resources by both subject and format; links to other useful sites and search engines are also provided.

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLEVELAND HISTORY contains all of the articles from the printed versions of both The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History and The Dictionary of Cleveland Biography as well as completely new articles not available anywhere else in any form. High-resolution versions of the photographs and diagrams found in the original texts are also available from within the articles themselves or through the indepoendent Image Gallery. Continuous updates, revisions, and corrections to the text are also made on a regular basis, making this one of the most up-to-date sources of basic information about Cleveland's history anywhere!

CLEVELAND NEIGHBORHOODS ON THE WEB, part of the NEIGHBORHOOD LINKS project at Cleveland State University, is a collection of pages and sites devoted to various idetifiable areas within the city . Some incorporate brief historical overviews and represent a good place to start a more localized exploration of Cleveland.

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