stone lantern, Ohara (1999)

"Swept Away"
in Santa Monica

OCTOBER 14, 2002

"Pacific Overtures"
in Tokyo

OCTOBER 16, 2002

Shrines of Nikko
OCTOBER 17, 2002

Cranes for Peace
in Hiroshima

OCTOBER 20, 2002

All in the Details
OCTOBER 24, 2002





Glimpses of Japan

This series of reports recounts observations made by Lee Makela while acting as Study Leader for "Japan Journey", a Study Abroad Travel Seminar sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution of Washington, D.C.

Persimmons at the Miho Museum, Japan (2002)

The seminar program was conducted in Tokyo, Kyoto and several other locations in Japan between October 14th and October 24th of the year 2002.

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Japan Journey 2002 participants

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This report, detailing on-site observations made in Japan between October 14, 2002 and October 24, 2002, has been prepared by Lee A. Makela ( for the use of interested friends, family and students at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, especially those who enrolled in HIS 372/572, The History of Early Modern Japan and HIS 373/573, Contemporary Japan in Historical Perspective, during the Fall Semester of the 2002 - 2003 Academic Year; please contact Dr. Makela with any comments.