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Takayama Streetscapes
NOVEMBER 1, 2005

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Field Notes: Japan 2005


Hida Takayama (2005)

Nestled deep in the mountains, the small city of Takayama preserves numerous examples of traditional late traditional, early modern urban and rural architecture in its well-maintained historic district and, on the outskirts of town, a farmhouse village museum.

Takayama Farmhouse Village Museum (2005)Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)

Japanese visitors especially appreciate the traditional ambiance -- the machinami -- of the San-no-machi area running parallel to the river at the heart of town. The atmosphere here (as the photographs below illustrate) definately is enhanced and enlivened by the multiplicity of "street furniture" -- shopsigns, displays of seasonal plants and flowers, lanterns and lamps, hanging cloth banners called noren, benches -- along the roadway.

Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi Machiya, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi Machiya, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi Machiya, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi Machiya, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi Machiya, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi Shopsign, Takayama (2005)Sanmachi Shopsign, Takayama (2005)

Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)
Sanmachi, Takayama (2005)

- NOVEMBER 1, 2005

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This report, detailing on-site observations made in Japan between October 25, 2005 and November 5, 2005, has been prepared by Lee A. Makela ( for the use of interested friends, family and students at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, especially those who enrolled in HIS 371, The History of Japan and HIS 373, Contemporary Japan in Historical Perspective, during the Fall Semester of the 2005 - 2006 Academic Year; please contact Dr. Makela with any comments.