COM 531--Multivariate Analysis
Instructor:  Prof. Kim Neuendorf  (
Term:  Spring 2007

Date:  1/17/07


1.  Syllabus and class assignments:


     Data Handling Assignment #1--Data Entry and Coding

     Data Handling Assignment #2--Scale Construction

     Data Handling Assignment #3--Partialling

    Data Handling Assignment #4--"5 Stats"

     Take-home Midterm Exam

     Group Assignments for Class Presentations

     Final Data Analysis Project Assignment

     Final Exam

2.  Links to Class Data Sets

HumorGroup Study (Neuendorf, Skalski, Powers)

Online Shopping Wave 1 (Blake et al.)

Tornado Warning Pilot Study (Neuendorf, Denny)


3.  SPSS tips from past student assistants

    1.   Editing Axis Labels for Histograms

    2.   Specifying Missing Data

    3.   Creating Scales

4.  Class Handouts (pdf unless noted)

    1.  Selecting Appropriate Statistics  (from Neuendorf book)
           Page 1   (gif)
           Page 2   (gif)

    2.  Questionnaire Construction

    3.  Scale Construction

    4.  Reliability and Validity

    5.  Cronbach's alpha (from Carmines & Zeller)

    6.  Open-ended Coding:  Codes for Racial/Ethnic Background

    7.  Normal Curve Areas

    8.  Probability

    9.  Combinations and permutations

    10.  Power, Type I and Type II Error

    11.  Standard Deviation

    12.  Standard Error and Confidence Intervals

    13.  The Chi-Square

    14.  The t-test

    15.  Bivariate Correlation

    16.  Covariance/Correlation (from Blalock)

    17.  Linear Regression

    18.  Two-factor ANOVA (from Williams)

    19.  Eta squared (from Tabachnick & Fidell)

    20.  Transforming for Linearity

    21.  Controlling for a 3rd Variable

    22.  Factor Analysis

    23.  Multiple Regression:  In the Beginning

    24.  Multiple Regression

    25.  Adjusted R-squared (from Cohen & Cohen)

    26.  Dummy and Effects Coding

    27.  Power for Partial Coefficients (from Cohen & Cohen)

    28.  Discriminant Analysis

    29.  Logistic Regression


    31.  Post Hoc Tests (a primer)

    32.  Canonical Correlation

    33.  Cluster Analysis

    34.  Multidimensional Scaling

    35.  Structural Equation Modeling

    36.   Conjoint Analysis--Guest Presentation

    37.  Optional reading:
        "Soft Sciences are Often Harder than Hard Sciences," Discover
            magazine, 1987

    38.  Optional reading:
          "Matrix Algebra" (from Pedhazur)

    39.  Data Transformation and Selection--RECODE and COMPUTE
            syntax for SPSS

    39.  "Salt Passage Research: The State of the Art," Journal of Communication, 1976


5.  Sample Tables and Write-ups

    1.  Factor Analysis

    2.  Multiple Regression

    3.  Discriminant Analysis

    4.  Logistic Regression

    5.  MANOVA

    6.  MANCOVA

    7.  Canonical Correlation

    8.  Cluster Analysis

    9.  Multidimensional Scaling

    10.  Structural Equation Modeling

6.  Links

    a.  Cleveland Chapter of the American Statistical Association

    b.  SPSS

     c.  StatNotes, an Online Textbook, by G. David Garson at
            North Carolina State University

     d.  A number of different online statistics glossaries:

             StatSoft Glossary

             Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms (basic)


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