There is a growing body of content analysis resources in print and on the internet.  The purpose of this section is to provide access to content analysis materials currently available on the internet. The Content Analysis Guidebook contains additional resources useful to content analysis users in addition to these online sources.

Table of Contents from The Content Analysis Guidebook - A full table of contents from The Content Analysis Guidebook is available here (pdf).

Flowchart Showing the Typical Process of Content Analysis Research from The Content Analysis Guidebook - Many scholars and students have found this flowchart helpful in understanding the content analysis process.

Links to Other Content Analysis Websites

Colorado State University writing resource pages - This site has some basic information about content analysis, including types, methods and key terms.

Matthias's content analysis page - Matthias's page includes links (w/ descriptions) to bibliographies, research, software (divided into quantitative and qualitative packages), and electronic texts.

Text Analysis Info Page - Harald Klein's references for computer-aided text analysis include an excellent list of computer text analysis programs (w\ operating system and download information) as well as a glossary of content analysis terms and other useful information.

The Media and Communication Studies site: Contains links to content analysis articles (studies using CA) with reviews.

Kansas Event Data System (KEDS) Project : KEDS the uses automated coding of English-language news reports to generate political event data with a focus on the Middle East, Balkans, and West Africa. These data are the used in statistical early warning models to predict political change. The ten-year project is based in the Department of Political Science at the University of Kansas.

Links to Content Analysis Research Articles

Denham, Bryan, and M. Mark Miller. (1993)
. Public opinion polls during the1988 and 1992 presidential election campaigns: An analysis of horserace and issue coverage in prestige newspapers. Paper presented at the annual meeting of Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research, Chicago, Illinois.

NOTES: This study looks at reporting of public opinion polls by three newspapers--the LA Times, NY Times and Washington Post--during the 1988 and 1992 presidential election campaigns. Data were drawn from Lexis-Nexis and analyzed with VBPro and SPSS.

Kunkel, Dale, Cope, Kirstie M., Farinola, Wendy Jo Maynard, Biely, Erica, Rollin, Emma, & Donnerstein, Edward. (1999). Sex on TV: Executive summary. Kaiser Family Foundation Report.

Litkowski, Kenneth C. (1999). Towards a meaning-full comparison of lexical resources. Proceedings of the Asscociation for Computational Linguistics Special Interest Group on the Lexicon, June 21-22, College Park, Maryland.

Miller, M. Mark and Bonnie P. Riechert. (1994). Identifying themes via concept mapping: A new method of content analysis. Paper presented to the Communication Theory and Methodology Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.

NOTES: This paper describes concept mapping, as applied to news coverage of pesticides from four magazines. Data were drawn from an on-line keyword search and analyzed with VBPro and SPSS.

Riechert, Bonnie P. (1995). Science, society, and the media: Associated Press coverage of the Human Genome Project. Paper presented at the Research Symposium of the University of Tennessee College of Communications, Memphis, Tennessee.

NOTES: This paper examines Associated Press media coverage of the Human Genome Project. Data were obtained through a keyword search of the Dialog on-line subscription service and analyzed using VBPro.

Roberts, Donald F., & Christenson, Peter G. (2000). "Here’s looking at you, kid": Alcohol, drugs and tobacco in entertainment media. A literature review prepared for the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

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