MCE/EEC 647/747 - Robot Dynamics and Control

Course Materials


HW6 assigned. Due 5/4/17

Spring 2017 – Dr. Richter


Lecture handouts:

1: Introduction
2: Rigid Motions and Homogeneous Transformations
3: Forward and Inverse Kinematics and the Denavit-Hartenberg Convention

Clarification on spherical wrist DH frames

3.5: Summary of Inverse Kinematics Solutions and Robotics Toolbox
4: Velocity Kinematics and the Jacobian
4.5: Manipulability Ellipsoid

5: Review of Classical Cascade Compensation
6: Independent Joint Control Part I: Classical Methods
7: Overview of State Space Methods
8: Basic Lyapunov Stability Theory
9: Introduction to Euler-Lagrange Modeling
10: Euler-Lagrange Modeling of Manipulators

10.5: LaSalle's Invariance Principle and Barbalat's Lemma

11: Multivariable Control of Robotic Manipulators- Part I: Independent Joint PD and Inverse Dynamics (Updated)
12: Multivariable Control of Robotic Manipulators- Part II: Adaptive Inverse Dynamics, Passivity-Based Robust and Adaptive Approaches

13: Overview of Observers and Output Feedback: Linear Case
14: Overview of Observers and Output Feedback: High-Gain and Sliding Mode Observers

15: Energy Considerations and Research in Control of Robots with Energy Regeneration

Handwritten Class Notes (iPad):

Notes 1/24/17
Notes 1/26/17
Notes 2/2/17
Notes and code constrained optimization 2/7/17
Notes and code on drilling optimization 2/7/17
Notes 2/9/17
Notes 2/23/17
Notes 3/21/17
Notes 3/23/17
Notes 3/28/17
Notes 3/30/17

Notes 4/11/17-1
Notes 4/11/17-2
Notes 4/13/17
Notes 4/18/17
Notes 4/20/17
Notes 4/24/17

Data and Programs:

Corke's Robotics Toolbox for Matlab

Class example (joint space boundaries and dexterous set)
Class example (inverse orientation with Euler angles. Edit to use your own transformation functions!)
Class example (inverse kinematics with Corke's Robotics Toolbox)

Class example (inverse kinematics with Corke's Robotics Toolbox)- Feb 2017

Class example (singular value decomposition)

Class example (Electromechanical time constants and linmod)
Class example (Two-loop PID voltage control)
Class example (Practical system identification, electromechanical model)
Practical system identification guide (MCE484)

Class example (equilibrium finding and linearization)- Feb 2017
Class example (closed-loop compensation- Simulink)- Feb 2017
Class example (cart-pendulum linearization and state-feedback, LQR)- Feb 2017

Sample phase portrait code

Example on unconstrained minimization with fminunc


Cylindrical Manipulator Dynamics Example
Prosthesis Test Robot Dynamics Example

Cart-Pendulum Dynamics Example

Files for nonlinear Simulink simulation example (.zip)

Files for 2-DOF PUMA dynamics model (zip)

Files for cart-pendulum inverse dynamics control (zip)

Files for robust passivity-based controller example (.zip)
Files for adaptive-passivity-based controller example (.zip)
Additional files for observer-based adaptive-passivity-based controller example (.zip)

Case study files
Sliding Observer files

Homeworks 2017

HW1 (due 2/2/17) (corrected statement: 1/25/17)

HW2 (due 2/16/17)

HW3 (due 2/28/17)

HW4 (due 3/23/17)

HW5 (due 4/11/17)

HW6 (due 5/4/17)

Homeworks 2015

HW1 (part 1 due 1/20/15, part 2 due 1/27/15)
HW2 (due 2/5/15)
HW3 (due 2/19/15)
HW4 (due 3/5/15)
HW5 (due 4/7/15)
HW6 (due 4/23/15)
Files for HW6 (.zip)
HW7 (optional, due 5/8/15)

Exams 2017

Take-home midterm

Solutions 2017

HW2 (by Hanieh Mohamadi)
In-class midterm
HW3 (by Brahm Powell)

HW5 (by Amin Ghorbanpour)

Exams 2015

Take-home midterm

Solutions 2015:
HW2 (by Brad Humphreys and Sandra Hnat)
HW3 (by Hanz Richter and Curt Laubscher)
HW4 (by Poya Khalaf)

Take-home midterm

Projects (2017):

Project selection (due April 4)

Projects (2015):

Call for proposals (due April 3)

Projects (2013):

Final Project, Part I (instructions and code, zip)
Final Project, Part II (instructions and code, zip)
Final Project, Part III (instructions, data and code, zip)

Interesting Videos:

ASIMO Robot conducts the Detroit Symphony
Passive robotic walking
Push recovery control in walking robots
Powered Exoskeleton

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