Research areas:

  • Robust nonlinear control, constrained control
  • Modeling, control and optimization of robotic systems with energy regeneration
  • Control of turbofan engines
  • Control and sensing with piezoelectric transducers
  • Hybrid and switched control
  • Robotics with applications to prosthetics
  • Advanced exercise machines

Students / Projects 2004-2015:

  • Anil Singaraju (Black and Decker, MSc) : Multiplexed Control for Computationally and Hardware-Constrained Systems
  • Julien Brousseau (Erico Industries, MSc) : Automated Modeling and Verification of a Smart Structure
  • Rachel Maynard (NASA Plum Brook, ME undergraduate) : Propulsion control with cold gas thusters. Hybrid modeling of freewheeling clutch
  • Jennifer Sanchez (MSc) : Biopolymer-based piezoelectric sensors
  • Karthik Mellechervu (MSc) : Estimation of Transient Thrust from Pressurized Containers
  • Kedar Karnik (Parker-Hannifin, MSc): Optimal Transfer of Open Containers with Slosh Constraints
  • Matt Milliren (undergraduate) : Modeling and Control of a Linear Positioning Stage
  • Rick Bozak (undergraduate): Biopolymer-based piezoelectric sensors
  • Kumar Nale (MSc) : Multiplexed Control of Piezoelectrically-Actuated Beam
  • Jenny Sangwian (MSc) : Multivariable sliding mode control of a turbofan engine
  • Kacy Ebel (MSc): Adaptive sliding mode control of a turbofan engine
  • Maulik Kalolia (Rockwell, MSc): Design, modeling and testing of an electric bicycle with regenerative braking
  • Derek Stake (MSc): Hybrid position and impedance control of a forging press gripper
  • Omer Sirin (MSc): Variable speed and position control of a treadmill belt for robotic testing of prostheses
  • Andrew Gerges (General Motors, MSc): Upper-limb powered exoskeleton for prosthetic control studies
  • Chris Brubaker (Bendix, MSc): Dynamic modeling of a pneumatic servovalve
  • Jason Hallgren (MSc) : Modeling and control of backlash in robotic manipulators
  • Dhipak Selvaraj (MSc): Modeling and testing of a prototype rowing machine with energy regeneration
  • Shola Otitoju (PhD): Efficiency of regenerative electromechanical systems. Admittance control for exercise data replication
  • Hadis Mohammadi (PhD): Robust impedance control, impedance control without force sensing
  • Poya Khalaf (PhD): Closed-form optimal control problems in robots with energy regeneration
  • Holly Warner (PhD): Passivity-based methods for control of leg prostheses
  • Xian Du (visiting PhD): MIMO sliding-mode limit protection control for aeroengines
  • Dragos Dinca (NASA GRC, PhD): Design of efficient four-quadrant converters for ultracapacitor-based energy recovery

Experimental Facilities:

  • Vibration Isolation Tables
  • Non-Contact Position, Velocity and Acceleration Sensing
  • Rapid Control Prototyping: NI LabView, Quanser Quarc, dSPACE, embedded systems
  • Networked Linux workstations with access to simulation and control software: Matlab / Scilab / Octave / Maple / 20-Sim / MS-1 / Modelica
  • Spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and an array of benchtop electronic equipment
  • Access to machine shop for large projects and mini lathe/mill for small models
  • PUMA 6-DOF manipulator with custom dSPACE interface for advanced control
  • Custom robotic rig for prosthesis testing

Research Sponsors

NASA Glenn Research Center, Dynamics and Control Branch (Cleveland)

National Science Foundation


Ohio Third Frontier

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

CSU Faculty Research and Development Program

Recent Works