Advanced Exercise Machines - Code, Data, Reports and Papers


Two-muscle agonist-antagonist system:  The simple system shown above is very useful for control and estimation studies related to human-machine interaction. Specifically, the classic Hill muscle dynamic model is used on each side of the mass. The control inputs are the activation signals a_1 and a_2.

Github repository with rowing exercise data and report

We have designed a stable nonlinear feedback controller for the position of the mass. The results have been submitted to the IFAC World Congress (Toulouse, France, 2017)
We have also designed linear and nonlinear state estimators that reconstruct system states and even the inputs a_1 and a_2 when unknown. The results have also been submitted to the 2017 IFAC World Congress.

Video presentation on the project

Poster from 2015 NSF PI meeting
Poster from 2016 NSF PI meeting