ADRE 408 Digital Signal Processing Instrument

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ADRE 408 Digital Signal Processing Instrument

The ADRE digital signal processing instrument is a data acquisition system used by industry. One of the main industrial uses of the ADRE system is health monitoring of the large gas turbines used in power plants. The ADRE system is a flexible data acquisition system compatible with many sensor types but is especially useful in rotordynamics because of its dynamic sampling capabilities. One ADC channel accepts a speed or keyphasor signal off of which the sampling rate for all channels is smart selected for optimal conditioning.

Access to the ADRE system is advantageous to students who are planning on careers in industry. At the RoMaDyC Center, the ADRE system can be used to monitor rotordynamic phenomenon on an experimental test rig the same way it would be used in a power plant.

In addition to usefulness as a training tool, the ADRE is useful in research. Most recently it has been used for data acquisition in crack detection and active vibration control studies.

You can learn more about the ADRE 408 DSPi on the website of its manufacturer, GE Measurement and Control.