Air Driven Magnetic Bearing System - MBC500R

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MBC500R System with Protective Cover

The MBC500R system consists of two active magnetic bearings (AMBs) for radial direction, one passive magnetic bearing (PMB) for axial direction, a rotor with first two bending mode critical speeds around 12,000 rpm and 22,000 rpm, and an air turbine to spin the rotor up to 25,000 rpm. The test rig is used to explore advanced control strategies for AMB systems with flexible rotors, disturbance rejection algorithms in the context of rotating machinery, and system identification techniques for MIMO systems.

Data acquisition and control of the system is performed via dSPACE MicroLabBox, which is programmed via Matlab, Simulink, and dSPACE ControlDesk software.

dSPACE MicroLabBox