Exoskeleton Testing Gantry Platform

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Exoskeleton Testing Gantry Platform Pediatric Orthosis Testing Prototype
in the Gantry Platform

The exoskeleton testing gantry platform is a system set up for the early evaluation of powered exoskeletons like the prototype pediatric orthosis shown. The system includes a treadmill to allow the exoskeleton-dummy system to walk for long durations and guide rails to optionally restrict the motion of the exoskeleton to within the sagittal plane.

Data acquisition and control of the prototype orthosis is accomplished using dSPACE MicroLabBox, which can be reprogrammed using Matlab, Simulink, and dSPACE software. This hardware interfaces with servoamplifiers servicing the exoskeleton actuators, magnetic angle sensors housed in the actuators, and inertial measurement units mounted to the dummy links, which are used for feedback control.

dSPACE MicroLabBox for Data Acquisition and Control of the Testing Orthosis