Active Magnetic Bearing High-Speed Machining Spindle

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Active Magnetic Bearing High-Speed Machining Spindle

The spindle is supported on two radial active magnetic bearings (AMBs) and one thrust AMB. The static load capacity is approximately 1400 N for the front bearing (nearest to the cutting tool), 600 N for the rear bearing, and 500 N for the thrust bearing. The spindle is driven by an asynchronous AC motor. The motor is situated between the bearings such that the spindle is fully levitated during operation. The spindle is capable of rotating at 50,000 RPM at 10 kW.

Rear Radial AMB Cross Section Schematic of Spindle

For research, the industrial grade spindle is fitted with a BNC interface to provide full access to the AMB position sensors and coil currents. A dSPACE rapid control prototype serves for data acquisition and implementation of experimental controllers.

AMB spindle data aquisistion and experimental controller interface