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MADYN 2000 is a powerful rotordynamics software package which has been provided to RoMaDyC by our industry partner DELTA JS AG.

More About MADYN 2000

MADYN 2000 is an extensive rotordynamic program, which is suited for general rotor-gear-bearing systems for lateral, torsional and coupled analyses with all types of bearings. The program is based on extensive industrial experience and covers the needs of a wide range of rotors: From small automotive turbochargers to large shaft trains for several hundred MW power generation. MADYN 2000 includes a magnetic bearing module to meet the demands of industrial magnetic bearing applications.

Mode Shape of a System Consisting of Turbine and Generator

MADYN 2000 focuses on the special requirements of rotordynamics. Unique distinguishing features in comparison to other available rotordyanmic tools are:

  • The coupling between lateral, torsional and axial vibrations as it occurs in gears can be considered
  • Magnetic bearings can be modeled including real system controllers. The controllers can then be optimized for stability and performance of the rotor system.

  • The non-synchronous characteristics of tilting pad fluid film bearings can be considered.
  • Bearing supports and coupling between the supports can be considered by either transfer function or state-space matrices. The supports model may be imported from 3D FE model or from experimental data of the bearing housing.

  • Nonlinear fluid film bearing characteristics can be calculated and transient analysis performed.

More About DELTA JS

DELTA JS offers software, engineering, and consulting services in the field of rotordynamics. Typically the company deals with high precision machines, whose functioning or service life is affected by even the smallest vibrations.


The company utilizes powerful analysis tools (such as MADYN 2000) to offer comprehensive engineering and consulting services in the area of rotordyanmics. The Experience of DELTA JS covers a wide field of sophisticated machinery such as turbo machines for industrial applications, power generation, and propulsion.

For more information on DELTA JS such as services, software, company history and contact information, see their company website HERE.