Dynamics and Control of a Pediatric Powered
Lower Limb Orthosis for Pediatric Gait Pathologies

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The objective of this research is to develop a powered lower limb orthosis for pediatric use. Specific technologies under development include: novel high torque density actuation mechanism, widely adjustable mechanical brace, embedded electronics for system dynamics, and cooperative control for pediatric wearable robot.

Example of the recent successful commercial application of powered orthosis, incorporating actuators and control, and associated power supply to assist with locomotion is a Parker Hannifin's Indego system.

Parker Hannifin Indego device

Additive manufacturing techniques will be utilized to develop the design prototype. MATLAB and SIMULINK will be employed to prototype the control system allowing:

  • Longer battery life through optimal control
  • Greater range of motion through implementation of robust control
  • Better prediction of clinical trial results