Welcome to ADAM at CSU!

This is the home site for information on the Center for Applied Data Analysis and Modeling at Cleveland State University.

The Center began in Spring 2020 under the direction of Assistant Professors Shawn D. Ryan (Math/Stat) and Thijs Heus (Physics). To address the pressing data needs of our community, we must create a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary center in the heart of Northeast Ohio. “Big Data” itself has become a buzzword with a meaning that has become less precise in time. Instead the Center will have a focused name Center for Applied Data Analysis and Modeling (ADAM) and a focused mission with three main goals:

• Develop and apply interdisciplinary tools for analyzing large amounts of data
• Develop novel modeling approaches to use the data to address real-world problems facing industries in NE Ohio and across the world
• Visualize and present results in a compelling way
• Train the future workforce in these sectors that will guide the future of economic growth in NE Ohio.
The center will address each of these by bringing together interdisciplinary teams of researchers from all Colleges across the campus while providing support through pilot study funding, bi-weekly or monthly seminars, a forum where a faculty member or industry professional can present current research and solicit help from the center members, support for student researchers in the summer.

Recent News

ADAM Seminar/Events

  • September 30th, 2020

    ADAM Seminar 2:30-3:15pm on Zoom
    "Engineering nanomaterial surfaces using biomolecules"
    Geyou Ao (Augyu)
    Asst. Professor Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
    (Zoom Link we will shared before event via email)

  • September 18th, 2020

    CSU Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium 3:00-4:00pm on Zoom
    "Using Topology to Measure Dynamics in Time-Varying Systems"
    Lori Ziegelmeier
    Associate Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (Macalester College)
    Prof. Ziegelmeier uses methods from topological data analysis to study living systems.
    (Zoom Link we will shared before event via email)

Past Seminars