Amee Shah, Ph.D., CCC-SLP || General Information

Student Academic and Research Support (StARS) Program

Founded & Directed by: Dr. Amee P. Shah
Funded by: Engaged Learning Grant Initiative (PI: Amee P. Shah, Ph.D.)

Note: This StARS program is different from, and not to be confused with, the other STARS program on campus (found at, in that StARS (with a lower-case “t”) is a program for current and potential Speech & Hearing students, with goals and objectives as described below.


An exciting new research-focused student mentoring program (established in Fall 2004) is underway in the department of Speech & Hearing at CSU. Each semester, a batch of undergraduate and graduate SLP students (total 8-10 students) will be selected and mentored to conduct guided research projects and be exposed to various stages of faculty research process.

Effectively, this mentoring program will attempt to meet four primary objectives: 1) Developing a strong research culture among students, 2) Increasing exposure and use of technology in students' clinical training, 3) Enhancing the quality, relevance and applicability of the basic science courses in the department, and 4) creating a cadre of students who share a greater accountability in the learning process, and/or strive to compete in an honors program.   


  • Interested students should contact Dr. Shah either via email or phone & informally discuss your interest and preliminary research ideas (if any). It is not necessary for you to have any specific ideas for research studies—just a curiosity to engage in critical thinking and brainstorming is sufficient!!
  • Next, you can either meet with Dr. Shah one-on-one to work on projects and/or,
  • Attend the regular StARS meetings that are held biweekly in the Speech Acoustics & Perception Lab. in Chester Building Rm. 246 (Ask Dr. Shah for time and date information)
  • You can either sit in and hear about ongoing work of other students, to gain new insight and learn from them, or,
  • You can choose to actively participate via presentations, and project discussions. If you're interested in participating, Dr. Shah will mentor and train you to conduct these studies & presentations, etc.
  • Finally, via the mentoring and experience received through this program, you will be end up with some “finished product”: An independent project, a thesis, a conference presentation, a paper ready for publication, a new clinical method or technology, etc., etc. to name a few.
  • FYI: Food and lively conversations are often the highlight of these StARS meetings---so make sure you don't miss out on either !!!

Current members

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amee P. Shah

Past Student Members:
Dellana Kinkopf

Zoi Vavva
Darlene Weisner

Karen Shamakien
Michelle Frank

Gail Panik

Sample of ongoing activities:

  • Discuss and receive support with individual issues and challenges in navigating your academic program  
  • Brainstorm research ideas and method issues at various stages of your projects (including coming up with new ideas!)
  • Practice talks for class presentations, conferences, theses and other presentations
  • Role-play mock job interviews and receive help with resume-preparation and other job-related skills
  • Earn “Bragging-rights”: Celebrate achievements
  • Be part of a “research culture” that can strengthen your clinical skills as well as identify potential for future doctoral studies
  • Develop an “Edge”: Learn and teach each other many new skills, “cool” programs, and inform each other of “what's new out there” in the field
  • UNLEASH CREATIVITY!! You'll be given many opportunities to seek out your creative side—that'll surprise yourself as you find your hidden talents, and will help inspire others to see your potential…

Past StAR students have benefited in some exciting ways as below:

  • Zoi Vavva: Successfully completed an impressive Masters' thesis, presented her work at an international conference, received funding to present at this conference, and is currently working on publishing the results of her thesis. Zoi also benefited from the “mock job interview” conducted in one of the meetings here.
  • Gail Panik & Tera Sumpter: Successfully presented a poster at the recent College of Science Research Day conference. They also received funding to present a seminar at the Ohio Speech, Hearing and Language Association's Convention in Columbus in April 2006.
  • Michelle Frank: Also presented a poster at the College of Science Research Day . She successfully completed an independent research project on the topic of “No Child Left Behind and Speech-Language Pathology”.
  • Dellana Kinkopf: Dellana received direction on her masters' thesis and has been an active member of StARS.


Curious?  Intrigued???

Come talk to us to see if you'd like to be part of the StARS Program. Ask above student members or make an appointment with Dr. Shah for further information.

Undergraduate students---and students from non-majors are welcome to sit in on ongoing meetings as well!!


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