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Ingenuity Cleveland

Experience Ingenuity!
Cleveland 's Festival of Art and Technology

Hear the sound of 1,000 drums. Listen to live jazz, hip-hop, folk, rock, techno, classical, and more. See opera, theater, ballet, step dancing, breakdancing, contemporary dance, and more. Enjoy visual exhibits, concerts, poetry slams, stilt walkers, jugglers, parades, food, flowers, and activities for kids, all transformed by technology.

Cleveland State University was a leading sponsor at this year's IngenuityFest, and showcased its students and faculty research and innovation in a fun way.

Dr. Amee Shah was one of a selected group of scientists and researchers in the College of Science to present at the Tech Hub

Dr. Shah presented on two topics, as below:

I. X-rays of your speech: What do they say about you?”

Interactive demonstrations from 1-4 pm Sat and Sun, Rm: 128, Tech Hub

Curious how your voice and speech compare to trained opera singers and speech professionals? Interested in seeing your own personalized “x-rays” of your speech? Want to know if you have any speech or voice problems? Come and learn about the latest in speech science, technology, and research in this highly interactive session.

II. “Using Science & Technology to unravel the mysteries of foreign accents”

Special Lecture for “Synergy Happens” Mini Session, Rm: 128.

In this multi-media presentation, Dr. Amee Shah, a speech scientist and speech-language pathologist will talk about the latest in her research on foreign accents. You will also learn about accent-modification programs and services available for communication problems related to foreign accents.

Large numbers of community participants ranging from children to adults attended all through the two days and very enthusiastically participated in the interactive demonstrations and lectures. Here are some representative photos capturing some fun moments… (Dr. Shah is assisted by CSU Speech & Hearing program's graduate student, Emily Vokac, and both of them can be seen sporting the College of Science green t-shirts.)


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