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The below theses can be downloaded from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department web page at, or from the Ohio Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center at (graduate theses only). I’m super proud of these students – they all did tremendous work.

  1. Seyed Fakoorian, State and input estimation in robotics: From prosthetic legs to mobile robots, Doctoral Dissertation, September 2022
  2. Mohamed Abdelhady, Codesign and control of smart powered lower limb prostheses, Doctoral Dissertation, December 2021
  3. Hanieh Mohammadi, State estimation for human-machine systems, Doctoral Dissertation, November 2021
  4. Donald Ebeigbe, Control of rigid robots with large uncertainties using the function approximation technique, Doctoral Dissertation, August 2019
  5. Gholamreza Khademi, Design and optimization of locomotion mode recognition for lower-limb amputees with prostheses, Doctoral Dissertation, July 2019
  6. Arash Roshanineshat, Evolutionary optimization for safe navigation of an autonomous robot in cluttered dynamic unknown environments, Master’s Thesis, June 2018
  7. Taylor Barto, Design and control of electronic motor drives for regenerative robotics, Master’s Thesis, August 2017
  8. Seyed Moosavi, Derivative-free Kalman filter-based control of nonlinear systems with application to transfemoral prostheses, Master’s Thesis, August 2017
  9. Seyed Fakoorian, Ground reaction force estimation in prosthetic legs with an extended Kalman filter, Master’s Thesis, December 2016
  10. Taylor Barto, Electronic converter design and control for a regenerative lower-limb prosthesis, Undergraduate Honor’s Thesis, May 2016
  11. Armin Rashvand, Exploratory particle swarm optimization: Stability and robot control tuning, Master’s Thesis, December 2015
  12. Holly Warner, Optimal design and control of a lower-limb prosthesis with energy regeneration, Master’s Thesis, August 2015
  13. George Thomas, Biogeography-based optimization of a variable camshaft timing system, Master’s Thesis, November 2014
  14. Aref Smiley, Evolutionary optimization of atrial fibrillation diagnostic algorithms, Master’s Thesis, July 2014
  15. Tim Palinski, Laboratory measurements of the deep Venusian atmosphere, Master’s Thesis, July 2014
  16. Dawei Du, Biogeography-based optimization for combinatorial problems and complex systems, Doctoral Dissertation, April 2014
  17. Brian Vyhnalek, Bio-inspired optimization of ultra-wideband patch antennas using graphics processing unit acceleration, Master’s Thesis, April 2014
  18. Ron Davis, Evolutionary ground reaction force control of a prosthetic leg testing robot, Master’s Thesis, December 2013
  19. Daljeet Singh, Path planning and evolutionary optimization of wheeled robots, Master’s Thesis, July 2013
  20. Mehmet Ergezer, Oppositional biogeography-based optimization, Doctoral Dissertation, April 2013
  21. Oliver Tiber, Gasoline turbo direct injection engine control system, Undergraduate Honor’s Thesis, July 2012
  22. David Sadey, Parameter identification for the generation of dynamic electrocardiograms, Undergraduate Honor’s Thesis, May 2012
  23. Carre Scheidegger, Electrocardiogram parameter identification for diagnosing heart arrhythmias, Undergraduate Honor’s Thesis, May 2012
  24. Arpit Shah, Distributed biogeography-based optimization for mobile robots, Master’s Thesis, April 2012
  25. Rand Mouradi, Wireless signals and male fertility, Doctoral Dissertation, September 2011
  26. Tim Wilmot, Intelligent controls for a semi-active hydraulic prosthetic knee, Master’s Thesis, August 2011
  27. Daljeet Singh, Finger mouse: Computer mouse control using accelerometers and gyroscopes, Undergraduate Honor’s Thesis, July 2011
  28. Jaisingh Rajwade, Partial-data interpolation during arcing of an x-ray tube in a computed tomography scanner, Doctoral Dissertation, April 2011
  29. Steven Shanfelt, The adaptation of wireless communication devices for robot control, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, December 2010
  30. Kaicheng Xie, Automatic utility meter reading, Master’s Thesis, March 2010
  31. Dawei Du, Biogeography-based optimization: Synergies with evolutionary strategies, immigration refusal, and Kalman filters, Master’s Thesis, August 2009
  32. Gina Blaze, Stirling convertor control for a lunar concept rover, Master’s Thesis, December 2007
  33. Chandresh Chaudhari, A one-dimensional scanning algorithm for robotic applications, Master’s Thesis, May 2007
  34. Sunil Gavini, An integrated design environment for small satellites, Master’s Thesis, December 2006
  35. Bhanu Gouda, Optimal robot trajectory planning using evolutionary algorithms, Master’s Thesis, May 2006
  36. Vinay Kantamneni, Application of optimal filtering for streamflow forecasting, Master’s Thesis, April 2006
  37. Saurabh Jain, Autonomous task scheduling for charge optimization of lithium-ion batteries in spacecraft power systems, Master’s Thesis, December 2005
  38. Gary Siegmund, A microcomputer-controlled calorie monitor for human powered vehicles, Master’s Thesis, July 2005
  39. Nuha Nawash, H-infinity control of an autonomous mobile robot, Master’s Thesis, May 2005
  40. Vamsi Peri, Fuzzy logic controller for an autonomous mobile robot, Master’s Thesis, May 2005
  41. Chirayu Shah, Kalman filter for velocity control of a permanent magnet stepper motor, Master’s Thesis, December 2004
  42. Srujan Kusumba, Dynamometer proportional load control, Master’s Thesis, December 2004
  43. Ramgopal Mushini, On optimization of sensor selection for aircraft gas turbine engines, Master’s Thesis, December 2004
  44. Bharath Endurthi, Linearization and health estimation of a turbofan engine, Master’s Thesis, December 2004
  45. Bhavin Shah, Field oriented control of step motors, Master’s Thesis, December 2004
  46. Srikiran Kosanam, Kalman filtering with uncertain noise covariances, Master’s Thesis, December 2004
  47. Saikiran Gumma, Radial basis function neurocontroller for a permanent magnet stepper motor, Master’s Thesis, August 2004
  48. Daniel Tuma, Lyapunov-based control of unbalanced pulse width modulation boost type rectifiers, Doctoral Dissertation, December 2002
  49. Jaisingh Rajwade, Emission control system for an x-ray tube, Master’s Thesis, August 2001
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