Cleveland State University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


EEC 641 / 741

Multivariable Control

Fall 2006


Description:    Multi-input and multi-output feedback control; robustness analysis of control systems; H-infinity feedback control; performance limitations in control systems; system model reduction.


Objectives:     After taking this course, the student should be able to:

1.      Use singular value techniques to analyze the robustness of control systems.

2.      Use H-infinity methods to incorporate frequency-domain and robustness specifications into multivariable control system designs.

3.      Use H-infinity methods to design robust controllers.

4.      Explain the advantages and disadvantages of H-infinity control relative to other control approaches.


Text:               S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite, Multivariable Feedback Control, John Wiley & Sons, 2005 (second edition).


References:    J. Bay, Fundamentals of Linear State Space Systems, McGraw Hill, 1999.
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Prereqs:          EEC 440 - Control Systems
EEC 510 - Linear Systems


Time:              T Th 4:00 - 5:50 PM


Place:              SH 309

Instructor:      Dr. Dan Simon



Web Site:


Stilwell Hall 343


Stilwell Hall 310

Office Hours:

M W 2:00 - 3:50

                        Feel free to call or stop by my office any time and I'll be happy to help you if I'm available.

















Final Exam



Homework:     In addition to written exercises, Matlab assignments will be given to demonstrate the theory in the text. You can work with others on homework, but identical homework assignments will be given a grade of zero. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework should be neat, the pages should be stapled with one staple in the upper left corner, and the problems should be in order.


Tests:              Quizzes and Exams will be open-book and open-notes, but no electronic devices (e.g., calculators or laptops) will be allowed. No makeup quizzes or exams will be allowed without the prior permission of the instructor.


Project:           Each student will be responsible to choose and conduct a research project based on some topic related to the course material. The project can involve the application of a controller to some realistic problem, or it can be more theoretical and involve the study and analysis of a journal or conference paper. The project will be graded on the basis of written and oral status reports, a written report handed in at the end of the semester, and an oral presentation given during the last week of classes. The written project reports are due at the end of the last regularly scheduled class of the semester. Late project reports will not be accepted. The written report can be based on the template at Template.doc although this is not required.


Important Dates:




Nov. 23


Dec. 7

Project presentations

Dec. 7

Written project reports due

Dec. 12

Comprehensive final exam


Homework due dates and exam dates will be determined by the instructor during the semester and announced in class. It is the students’ responsibility to make sure they are aware of these dates.


Grading Scale:




A minus


B plus




B minus







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