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EEC 693/793 - Special Topics

Optimal State Estimation

Fall 2016


Homework Assignments


Term Project


Each student is responsible to propose and conduct a research project based on some nonlinear system whose states they want to estimate. The project will be graded on the basis of written and oral status reports, a written report handed in at the end of the semester, and an oral presentation given during the last week of class. The written project reports are due during the last regularly scheduled class of the semester. Late project reports will not be accepted. The written reports can be based on the template at although this is not required. For each of the tasks below, an in-class presentation of between 5 and 10 minutes is required, and a written report is required.


Problem definition and model - due September 26

System simulations (nonlinear and linearized) - due October 19

Linearized Kalman filtering - due November 2

Advanced topics / H-infinity filtering / nonlinear filtering - due November 30

Final reports (oral and written) - due December 7

The final reports (oral and written) should be comprehensive.


Homework Assignments


The homework assignments are taken from Optimal State Estimation, by Dan Simon.


Chapter 1 - due TBD


Chapter 2 - due TBD


Chapter 3 - due TBD


Chapter 4 - due TBD

Chapter 5 - due TBD


Chapter 6 - due TBD


Chapter 8 - due TBD


Chapter 7 - due TBD


Chapter 13 - due TBD


Chapter 11 - due TBD


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