Cleveland State University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


ESC 120

Introduction to Engineering Design: Electrical Engineering Module

Spring 2011, T Th 4:00-5:50, SH 348




Dr. Dan Simon


Phone: 216-687-5407





Course web site:


Office: Stilwell Hall 343


Office Hours: M W 2:15Ė4:00


Call or stop by my office any time, and Iíll be glad to help you if Iím available.


Grading: Your ESC 120 grade for this module is based on attendance and project participation. Each day is worth 1/6 of your module grade. The projects involve teams of students, but individual effort is required for each project. Module grades are presented to the ESC 120 coordinator, who averages each studentís module grades to determine his or her overall grade for the course.


Classroom Policies: No electronic devices are allowed during class. If you arrive in class after I have taken attendance, and you want credit for attendance, then you need to talk to me after class so that I know you arrived late. In that case you will receive 1/2 credit for attendance for that day.


Class Schedule:

Day 1:


Video: Modern Marvels and Engineering Disasters

Day 2:

Electronics projects lecture (print slides 6, 7, 13, and 18-21 before class)
Electronics assignment (print before class)

Day 3:

Electrical Safety
Digitial electronics lecture (print slides 5-6 and 10-11 before class)

Digital electronics assignment (print before class)

Day 4:


Day 5:

FM transmitter: assemble, solder, and test

Soldering Guide

Soldering Video

Amplitude Modulation

Frequency Modulation

Day 6:

Complete and test the FM transmitter


Absences: If you cannot come to class, you need to let the instructor know ahead of time; otherwise, you will receive a zero for that dayís attendance and participation grade. If you receive permission to be absent from a class, you can do an out-of-class make-up project. The make-up project will be a report on a topic chosen by the instructor. Email the instructor to receive your topic assignment. The report must be submitted at, which will check the assignment for plagiarism. The class id and password for this course are 2778561 and esc120. The report format should include the following:

Use the following resources for writing guidelines:


Professor Simonís Home Page


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