CSU NMR Facility Managed by the Sun Group

How to get access to the NMR facility:

1) Request training by e-mailing the NMR TA (Joshua Whited, j.m.whited@vikes.csuohio.edu) and fill out the NMR facility user authorization form (Teaching/Research)(at least 2 weeks before experiments for all teaching courses). Also, please read our user/fee policy.

2) Bring the completed form to the NMR training session (at least 2 weeks before experiments for all teaching courses). Please also read and bring guides to obtain proton and carbon spectra.

3) Upon satisfactory completion of NMR training, you will receive access to the NMR computer and time booking calendar (username/password will be sent via e-mail). Experiments reserved for teaching courses will be assisted by the NMR TA, but students/staff will not be trained to use the instrument during that time. Please request a key to the NMR facility separately, by filling out the Access Control form.

Free NMR processing software: 

ACD/NMR Processor
NMR Solvent Data Chart
NMR Solvent Impurity Chart

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