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Cleveland as a Center of Regional American Art

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Table of Contents

William H. Robinson
Page 1

Karal Ann Marling
Page 3

Mr. Smith Goes to Cleveland, and Other Stories
David Steinberg
Page 5

F.C. Gottwald and the Old Bohemians
Rotraud Sackerlotzky
Page 14

C.L. Ransom in Cleveland: A Woman at Work
Marianne Berger Woods
Page 19

Public Art and Patronage in Cleveland
Impact on Cleveland's Art and Architecture (1890-1930)

Jeannine deNobel Love
Page 26

The Battle of the Early Moderns: The Kokoon Club and the Cleveland Society of Artists
Holly Rarick Witchey
Page 37

Interpreters of the Western Reserve: William Sommer, Henry Keller, and Frank Wilcox
Gladys Haddad
Page 48

From Mantel to Museum: The History of William and Edwin Sommers' The Bordner Mural
Wendy Kendall-Hess
Page 55

The Contribution of Cleveland's African American Artists for the New Negro Movement
Curlee Raven Holton
Page 63

Karamu Artists: 1939-1945
Alfred L. Bright
Page 72

H. Edward and Thelma Frazier Winter: Art and Craft in the Cleveland School
Dean M. Zimmerman
Page 84

Cowan Pottery: The Spirit of Collaboration
Mark Basett
Page 90

Viktor Schreckengost: Evolution of a Cleveland Ceramist
Christina Corsiglia
Page 100

Cleveland Photographers of the 1920s and 1930s
Richard Karberg
Page 113

Advertising, Urbanism and the Creation of Regional Culture
Walter C. Leedy, Jr.
Page 118

Designing for Industry: Cleveland's Contributions Focus on Toys
Nina Freedlander Gibans
Page 126

Art Amid the Ruins: A Post-Industrial Aesthetic
Wayne Draznin
Page 137

Edris Eckhardt: Pioneer Glass Sculptor
Ruth Dancyger
Page 142

Environmental Influences on Contemporary Cleveland Artists
David S. Rubin
Page 145

Page 151

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