Fuqin Xiong


Campus Address:
342 Stilwell Hall
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cleveland State University

1960 East 24 Street
Cleveland, OH 44115 USA

Phone: (216) 687-2127
Fax: (216) 687-5405
WWW: http://academic2.csuohio.edu/xiongf


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba 1989

M.S. Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University 1982

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University 1970

Member of the Faculty, Department of Radio-Electronics, Tsinghua University, 1970 - 1984

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada 1989 -- 1990

1990, Assistant Professor, 1995, Associate Professor, 2002, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Cleveland State University

1995 to 2000, Chairman of Department Graduate Program Committee.

Past Membership: Graduate College Council; College ABET Leadership Team, Faculty Senate Program Review Committee. 

Current Membership: Graduate College Faculty, College Nomination Committee, IEEE Senior Member.

Research Interests

Bandwidth- and power-efficient modulations, modulations for satellite communications, diversity techniques for modulations in fading channels, pragmatic approach to soft decision decoding of linear block codes, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), synchronization for OFDM, channel estimation and equalization for OFDM, multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) systems, and space-time codes.


Sponsored Research Projects


1.      “Programmable, variable rate and multi-mode MODEM/CODEC at Ka Band for Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (Hardware design and implementation)”, NASA Lewis Research Center, Oct. 1, 1991- Jan. 31, 1994.

2.      “Modem/Codec techniques in satellite communications”, NASA Lewis Research Center, Aug. 26, 1991-Mar. 31, 1992.

3.      “Intersatellite Link Techniques”, NASA Lewis Research Center,  Jun. 15, 1992-Mar. 31, 1993.

4.      “Power Efficient Reflectarray System Modulation Study”, NASA Glenn Research Center, Jan. 16-Sept. 21, 2001.

5.      “Synchronization Study in Mobile Aeronautical Communication Systems,” NASA Glenn Research Center, May 2001-May 2002.

6.      “Self-modulation Reflectarray”, NASA Glenn Research Center, Jan. 2004-Dec, 2005.


Research Laboratory

            Digital Communications Research Laboratory


Dissertations and Theses Supervised


1.     Min Jin, “A small terminal for satellite communications,” Master’s thesis, 1993.

2.     Maissah Saoud, “Convolutional coding with DPSK for meteor burst communication systems,”  Master’s thesis, 1993.

3.     Sachin Bhatmuley, “Performance of MHPM in Rician and Rayleigh fading mobile channels,” Master’s thesis, 1994.

4.     Vivek Shivanada, “Performance of MHPM in the presence of adjacent channel interference,” Master’s thesis, 1994.

5.     Bill Thesling, “Efficient block decoding algorithms exploiting channel measurement information,” Doctoral dissertation, 1995.

6.     Dong Wu, “Multi-symbol differential detection of p/4QPSK in land mobile satellite communications channels,” Master’s thesis, 1995.

7.     Arafat Al-Dweik, “Noncoherent ASK-OFDM modulation for frequency hoping multipath channels,” Doctoral dissertation, 2001.

8.     Yin Fang, “EEG measured brain activation during concentric and eccentric muscle contractions,” Doctoral dissertation, (Co-advisor: Dr. Guang Yue, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.), 2001.

9.     Haiying Deng, “FPGA implementation of coherent MASK-OFDM system,” Master’s thesis, July 2001.

10. Yan Ma, “Carrier synchronization in coherent ASK-OFDM systems,” Master’s thesis, Dec. 2002.

11. Vishu Suvarna, “ICI due to multipath effect and its estimation and correction in multipath fading channels for ASK-OFDM,” Master’s thesis, May 2003.

12. Mukul V. Gandhi, “Coding for coherent ASK-OFSM systems,” Master’s thesis, Dec. 2004.

13. Stanley Pinchak, “Robust symbol timing for Mobile Aeronautical Satellite Communication Systems,” Master’s thesis, May 2004.

14. Huaihai Guo, “MASK-OFDM modem design for the 5 GHz Microwave Landing System,” Master’s thesis, in progress, since 2004.

15. Vijay Normula, “Channel estimation and equalization of the MASK-OFDM modem for the 5 GHz MLS Extension Band” Master’s thesis, in progress, since 2004.

16. Ying Yang, “Carrier synchronization of the MASK-OFDM modem for the 5 GHz MLS Extension Band,” Master’s thesis, in progress, since 2004.

17. Sai Mantripragada, “Symbol synchronization of the MASK-OFDM modem for the 5 GHz MLS Extension Band,” Master’s thesis, in progress, since 2004.

18. Song Cui, ''Modulation and Multiple Access Techniques for Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems," Doctoral dissertation, Nov. 2011.

19. Tianning Shen, ''Experimental Study of Multi-Rate Margin in Software Defined Multi-Rate Radio,'' Master’s thesis, Dec. 2009 (co-advisor: Chansu Yu).








       Digital Modulation Techniques, 2nd Edition, 1046 pages, Artech House, April 2006. (http://www.artech-house.com)


     Digital Modulation Techniques (654 pages), Artech House, Boston/London, 2000. (Artech House is a well-known publisher specialized in communication, radar, radio, television, and microwave technologies.) (http://www.artech-house.com)


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