Session 1:
Teacher Autonomy in Using Digital Video for Fostering Reflection Among Preservice Teachers

Participant(s) Subject
*Brian P. Yusko
(Cleveland State University)

How Does Video Editing Affect Supervisory Conferences With Preservice Teachers?

*Sonya N. Martin (Drexel University),
*Christina Siry

Windows and Mirrors: Using Digital Video Analysis to Build Community and Support Preservice Teacher Autonomy and Reflexivity

*Christine Kemmeren (Edith Stein University),
*Ellen Van Den Berg
(University of Twente),
*Jules M. Pieters
(University of Twnte)

Multimedia Cases in Teacher Communication Competencies: Interaction Between Professional Practice and Conceptual Knowledge

*Erik Roelofs (Cito),
*Mirjam Bakker
(Leiden University),
*Ellen Van Den Berg
(University of Twente)

Imaging and Assessing Teacher Competence: Design Characteristics of Structured Video Portfolios

*Cheryl L. Rosaen (Michigan State University)



Session 2:
Teacher Autonomy in Using Digital Video for Professional Learning of Practicing Teachers

Participant(s) Subject
*Niels C. Brouwer (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Teacher Peer Coaching Using Digital Video: Evaluation of a 4-year Professionalization Program

*Miriam G. Sherin (Northwestern University),
*Rosemary Russ
(Northwestern University),
*Bruce L. Sherin
(Northwestern University),
*Adam A Colestock
(Northwestern University)

Professional Vision in Action: An Exploratory Study

*James Cercone (University at Buffalo - SUNY), *Merridy Ames Knips (Buffalo State College - SUNY),
*Suzanne M. Miller
(University at Buffalo - SUNY)

Teacher Video Analysis of Students’ Multimodal Composing: Paired Conversations for Seeing, Puzzling, Believing

*Kurt Reusser (University of Zurich),
*Kathrin Krammer
(University of Zurich),
*Claudia Lena Schnetzler
(University of Zurich),
*Christine U. Pauli
(University of Zurich),
*Frank Lipowsky
(German Institute for International Educational Research - Germany)

Blended Learning With Classroom Videos: Findings From a German-Swiss Inservice Teacher Training Programme

*Katharina Maria Schwindt (IPN, Germany),
*Kathleen Sturmer
(Friedrich Schiller University of Jena),
*Geraldine Blomberg
(Friedrich Schiller University of Jena),
*Tina Seidel
(Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

The Role of Video of Self and Other in Teacher Professionalization

*Sharon Feiman-Nemser (Brandeis University)