Android Sensor Programming
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Summer 2018, USTB

Introduction to Android Programming: notes
Traditional Android Sensors: notes
Audio and Speech Recognition: notes
Camera: notes
Bluetooth Beacon: notes
Mobile Vision: notes


There are 20 apps to be developed excluding Google mobile vision, or 25 apps including Google mobile vision. If it is not possible to run mobile vision apps, the grading will depend on the first 20 apps. Otherwise, it will be based on all 25 apps.

For each app, you are required to submit a typed written report regarding the screen shots of the app as it operates, how you implemented the app, and a conclusion section summarizing what you have learned while developing the app and your opinion about the app. You may use the following report as a template: example-report.docx (it is a report for another of my programming course on Kinect programming). You are strongly encouraged to write the report in English. The conclusion section must be written in English.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Detection of plagiarism in your report(s) will lead to a failing grade.