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Site/Content Analysis News
October 9 2006:
--VBPro is back: The program can be downloaded once again from the Yoshikoder site (thanks to Will Lowe).

June 7 2006:
--CALL FOR CODEBOOKS: We are currently in the process of expanding the Human Coding: Sample Materials section of this site and are looking for additional samples. If you have any coding materials that you are willing to share, please send them to Paul Skalski at the email address below, and they will be posted to The Content Analysis Guidebook Online during a future update. Thank you.
--PRAM Update: Initial checking of PRAM, the Program for Reliability Assessment with Multiple coders, has been completed by Dr. Neuendorf and her content analysis students at Cleveland State University, and the latest version of the program (v. 0.4.5) appears to be error free. For more on PRAM and a link to the download site, click here. Also, if you have used and/or checked PRAM and have any information to share, please let us know.

Content Analysis Resources  (Table of Contents, Flowchart, Site Links, Article Links...)
This section of the site contains general information about The Content Analysis Guidebook by Kimberly A. Neuendorf (2001), including an annotated guide to each chapter.  Links to other content analysis resources (e.g., other websites, articles and manuscripts on the methodology) are also provided.
Bibliographies (Guidebook, Communication Abstracts (1990-1997)...)
This section includes several bibliographies of content analysis studies and articles.  The main bibliography lists all research materials used in The Content Analysis Guidebook.  A "keyword search" function allows users to retrieve citations for articles addressing particular interests, ranging from television to psychology to content analysis methods.  This section serves as a good "starting point" for any content analysis research endeavor or literature review.
Message Archives (General, Film, Television, Radio/Audio, Political, Corpora, Open-Ended Data...)
This section of the site contains links to message archive websites, arranged according to interest area (with an emphasis on media archives).  Archive sites with downloadable messages (i.e., electronic text) are listed first, followed by "indexing only" websites.
Reliability (PRAM Description)
This section describes PRAM, the Program for Reliability Assessment of Multiple-coders, available to purchasers of The Content Analysis Guidebook.  Newly added is a link to
"Practical Resources for Assessing and Reporting Intercoder Reliability in Content Analysis Research Projects."
Human Coding--Sample Materials
Looking for coding materials on a topic of interest?  Need ideas on how to construct a codebook or coding form?  This section contains sample coding materials from past studies on a variety of topics, including television, film and advertising.  The codebooks and coding forms are organized by author name and project title and are downloadable in "printer-friendly" formats (HTML or PDF).
Computer Content Analysis (Programs, Evaluations, Dictionaries and Exclude Lists, Software for Content Analysis: A Review)
This section contains a host of information on quantitative, qualitative and audio/visual computer content analysis software.  Information on quantitative computer text analysis software is augmented with evaluation results from tests conducted on each program (by the book author and a research team).  Sample dictionaries, jobs and output are also provided.

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This site is maintained on the Cleveland State University web server.

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The Content Analysis Guidebook is available from Sage Publications.


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