Prof. Kimberly Neuendorf
Professor, School of Communication

2001 Euclid Ave., MU 253
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH  44115



Links to Course Materials:

Spring 2019

COM 631--Multivariate Statistical Methods


Past Terms (selected):

COM 321--Documentary Form in Film, Televison, & Interactive Media

COM 320--History of Film

COM 494--Special Topics: Sound in Film & Television

COM 329--Contemporary Film

COM 494--Bollywood and Beyond: South Asian Cinema and Social Change

COM 633--Content Analysis Methods

COM 226--Mass Media & Society

COM 633--Content Analysis Methods

COM 221--Introduction to Film

COM 370--Communication Technology and Social Change

COM 493--Cleveland and Film Seminar (2001)

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The Content Analysis Guidebook Online

(supporting The Content Analysis Guidebook (2nd ed.) by Kimberly A. Neuendorf, Sage Publications, 2017)



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