First Time Access to the Viking Cluster

Sign-up Form for Access to the Viking Cluster: Viking Cluster Sign-up

This link can also be used for faculty and students to create an account on the Viking Cluster

Option 1: Open On Demand (Preferred for most users)

OnDemand is the easiest way to access CSU’s High Performance Computing resources. With OnDemand, you can upload and download files; create, edit, submit, and monitor jobs; run GUI applications; and connect via SSH, all via a web broswer, with no client software to install and configure.

Step 1: Visit and login with your CSU credentials

Step 2: Choose what you want to do

  • Upload/Download Files
  • Create, Edit, and Submit a Job
  • Run GUI Software Through the Interactive Apps Tab

To run software click “Interactive Apps” and Open a Viking Desktop. Specify which account, number of hours expected (try to be as close to expected as possible for efficiency!) and th number of nodes you need.

Click “Launch” and you will be put in the virtual queue. Here you can launch the Viking Desktop or share a link to the desktop with other users for collaboration.

Clicking “Launch Viking Desktop” will open a linux window where you can access programs.

Once on the desktop you can open a terminal to launch applications

Option 2: SSH (For Advanced Users)

To setup your directory initially you will need to ssh to then you can securely transfer files via sftp to your home directory on the Viking Cluster.

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