The focus of integrated modeling requires a combination of physics-based and data-driven techniques. We will develop a platform that involves interdisciplinary collaborations among multiple labs and departments for the mutual benefit of each other’s expertise and leverage complementary resources. Hence, in a system-level approach, the IERS center plans to identify and prioritize research needs based on the needs of industry and funding agencies. One of the special efforts will ensure the outputs of fundamental discovery to be linked appropriately for productive interaction between scientists/engineers and decision-makers.

The IERS center will be an agile platform that adapts to innovative and cost-effective solutions, and creative engagement of stakeholders from a diverse range of disciplines and institutions, through symposia, forums, webinars, and offering onsite/online short courses. Continuous evaluation of the IERS center’s progress will be implemented through the received funded projects, publications, graduated students, and community (CSU, Cleveland-OH, and the US) support. These metrics will be available on the center’s webpage.

The IERS center promotes professional development and outreach activities through students’ participation and support in the projects, engaging underrepresented minorities, co-advising graduate students, and defining collaborative tasks among research scholars. Below is a visual representation of IRES Center’s vision, which is the basis for developing the center’s mission statement with distinction.

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