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Paid Sick Leave is Good for Business

Link to one of Dr. Stoddard Dare’s publications, an open access systematic review of the impact of paid sick leave on business outcomes.

Link to peer reviewed publications

Federal Policy Impact of Dr. Stoddard-Dare’s Research

Media Reporting Dr. Stoddard Dare’s findings

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What students are saying

“It was an honor to be Professor Stoddard Dare’s student. Her passion and talent shine through her instruction, and I always felt that she was truly invested in my education and professional development. She set clear expectations and maintained a direct alignment between course goals and class assignments to achieve those goals. An excellent instructor, all around.”
“The course covers every aspect about the subject I could possibly think of without having to ask. Materials a[r]e extremely relevant to the subject. VERY WELL organized, outlined step by step the assignments, expectations, and due dates. I have learned so much applicable information pertaining to working as a social worker in the field of addictions. Honestly, I could say this is the best course I have taken at Cleveland State regarding Professor, Materials, information learned, ease of access, multiple learning platforms available, assistance provided. Coursework is clear, thoroughly explained, comprehensive, encourages critical thinking, and presented without bias.”
“This instructor was amazing! She clearly stated the learning objectives and assignments within each weekly module in list format. The resources and information that were given to us were extremely in depth and taught every aspect of diagnosis, treatment, all underlying biological and societal causes, and prevalence of the issue in every class of society. She also gave extensive information about our certification for this class and how to continue building a career with this certification. I graduate at the end of this semester with my BA in psychology and this class opened multiple opportunities and gave me new ideas for my career path after CSU.”
“D[r]. Stoddard–Dare is a wonderful instructor. She is well organized and clearly has a genuine passion for the material which is contagious when taking her course”
“Best class I’ve ever taken. It’s well structured and has given me a lot of knowledge I’m sure I will use throughout my career. The assignments are manageable and effective; it always felt like they were helping me learn the information… I also appreciated that expectations were always clear and the text book was made available to us for free. I’d recommend this class with Patricia Stoddard Dare any day!”
“I am so thankful and grateful to the encouragement of Professor Stoodard–Dare as she is always kind, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, organized, and willing to help.”
“Dr. Dare is amazing. She is not only knowledgeable about this subject, she is on the cutting edge of where we need to go in working with SUD clients and in our policies and attitudes towards facilitating healing.”
“I could always count on Dr. Dare to respond when I needed help or guidance. She gave great feedback on assignments.”
“Dr. Stoddard–Dare was always supportive to me as a student. She was quick to answer e–mails, courteous, and respectful. She is very strong in her knowledge and makes sure she is available for questions or concerns.”
“This was one of the most fruitful courses I’ve taken in my time at CSU. Professor Stoddard Dare broke down substance use with respect to diversity in population and treatment methods in a way that left me feeling far more equipped to work with this population post–graduation. Every video, assignment, quiz, and discussion had purpose and enhanced my understanding of addiction. I would absolutely recommend this course under this professor to incoming students.”
“This instructor is so kind and super helpful. Always very quick to respond and take the time to make sure students know what they need to do. I can tell they really care about their students and this subject. Teaching is a passion of theirs and it really shows.”
“Dr. Stoddard Dare is extremely organized and examples are very concrete. I like the different modes of learning that she offers. The video are engaging because of her voice reflection and passion for the area of SUD. It’s a plethora of material that she gives us but it is very interesting to learn, eye–opening and serious to know in order to help save other lives dealing with SUDs. The fact that she allowed us to access her book without paying for it makes me know that it was more important for her that we got the information as soon as class started and not wait because this info really helps to save lives.”
“Overall, the best instructor at Cleveland State University. She is strict with her deadlines. Very informative with the instructions and what is expected from each student. She is very passionate about the subject and her ability to accommodate all adult student’s learning styles was superb. I am a straight A student, but she presents well and provided material for auditorial learners like myself in each area. She went above just the material in class but offered additional material on the subject which I found very helpful for the course. I would have taken more classes with her as an instructor if I wasn’t graduating in December. Only complaint is I did not have her as an instructor prior to my two years at the university.”
“Dr. Patricia Stoddard Dare was very helpful throughout the course. She was more than willing to review rough drafts of assignments to maximize on optimal points, provided opportunities to earn points back, via an extra credit quiz and resubmitting an assignment, and made it very apparent she could be reached via email or zoom at the end of each lecture powerpoint. The course was online, but I felt more connected to her than most of my in–person professors.”

The Chemical Dependency Counseling Graduate Certificate created by Dr. Stoddard Dare is in the news

Dr. Stoddard Dare and social work student Edith Cabrera featured in the National Association of Social Workers Magazine

Social Work Advocates, 2023

Students influencing policy

Students from Professor Stoddard Dare’s co-taught Civic Data Privacy course won a national data privacy competition and are helping to shape policy.


See how, co-created by Professor Stoddard-Dare, can be used to quickly identify an available substance use disorder treatment slot tailored to an individual’s needs and characteristics.

Patricia Stoddard Dare, MSW, PhD

Professor School of Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies

Director Women’s and Gender Studies

Coordinator Chemical Dependency Counseling Certificate Program

Co-Director CSU TECH Hub

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