Dr Richter conducts research in the broad areas of control, robotics and mechatronics, with application areas which include:

  • biomedical robots, prostheses, advanced exercise machines
  • aeroengine propulsion control
  • high-precision motion control
  • piezoelectric actuators and sensors

Research projects in these and other areas receive or have received funding from:

NASA Glenn Research Center, Dynamics and Control Branch (Cleveland)

National Science Foundation


Ohio Third Frontier

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

CSU Faculty Research and Development Program

Dr. Richter obtained the PhD and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. His undergraduate degree is also in Mechanical Engineering, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima.

Dr. Richter's research interests include control theory and applications, system modeling, optimization, biomedical robotics, mechatronics and aerospace control systems.

Doctoral students:

  • Dragos Dinca (NASA Glenn Research Center): Ultracapacitor storage for power beaming systems in UAVs
  • Shola Otitoju
  • Poya Khalaf: Energy regeneration in robotics, application to prosthetic legs
  • Holly Warner: Nonlinear control of human-machine systems, application to prosthetic legs
  • Amin Ghorbanpour: Energy regeneration in robotics
  • Erivelton Gualter dos Santos: Energy regeneration in robotics, application to prosthetic legs
  • Humberto de las Casas: Nonlinear control and optimization in human-robot systems, application to exercise and rehabilitation

Recent Works