ESC 301 Fluid Mechanics

ESC 301 is the study of fluid properties, hydrostatics, friction loss, dimensional analysis, statics, and dynamics of compressible and incompressible fluids; continuity, energy and momentum principles; laminar and turbulent flow; general concepts of boundary layer flow.

CHE 306 Transport Phenomena

Formulation of the physical laws of momentum, heat, and mass transport, with emphasis on their interrelationship. Application of these principles to basic transport processes. Diffusive and convective transport mechanisms.

CHE 494/594 Nanomaterials: Properties & Applications/CHE 620 Carbon Nanotubes: Properties, Processing, and Applications

This interdisciplinary course will cover fundamentals of nanomaterials and nanoscale engineering using carbon nanotubes as a model system. It incorporates theory and applications while focusing on the following: synthesis, separations, unique chemical and physical properties, materials characterization, and current and potential applications of inorganic, biological, and hybrid materials.

CHE 609 Rheology

The study of complex fluids along with methods of measuring their rheological and other properties, basic forces that produce diverse structures of complex fluids, theories and simulation techniques. Complex fluids defy the classical definitions of solids and liquids. This course will focus on common and not-so-common complex fluids including polymeric liquids and melts, suspensions of colloidal particles, micellar solutions, and liquid foams.


Our lab conducted a nanotechnology based hands-on activity for middle schoolers from the greater Cleveland area for the 2023 Cleveland Student Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) visit at CSU. Thank you Nina Dzombic, Brandon Heppe, and Eren Katnas for your great work and leadership.

Nina Dzombic and Brandon Heppe led a nanotechnology lecture and activities for the 2022 Engineering Innovation for Females (EIF) Biomedical and Environmental Engineering Summer Program at CSU, specific for advancing female high school students in engineering and STEM fields.

Our Lab has successfully hosted the Nanotechnology Workshop for middle and high school teachers at the 2022 “Bridging Engineering, Science, and Technology in Medicine” (BEST Medicine) Engineering Fair at CSU. Thank you Nina Dzombic, Brandon Heppe, Sumaiya Ahmed, and Tanner Larson for your excellent work and NSF for the funding support.

Dr. Ao discussed “Applications of Nanotechnology” with 237 high school students attending the Believe in Ohio STEM Entrepreneurship & Innovation Forum at CSU in November 2019.

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