MCR301 Rheometer

Rheology is an invaluable tool to study structural and mechanical properties of nanomaterial dispersions, providing important insights for the structure-processing-property relationships of nanomaterial systems. These include the dispersion quality, the formation of ordered structures such as liquid crystals, and the response of nanomaterial dispersion under shear and temperature.

NS3 NanoSpectralyzer

The state-of-the-art, multi-mode spectrometer NS3 NanoSpectralyzer sensitively measures optical properties of nanomaterial samples, particularly carbon nanotubes, through vis-NIR absorption, vis-NIR fluorescence, and Raman analysis in various solvent environments.

UV-vis Spectrophotometer

Jasco V-760 UV-vis Spectrometer measures the absorbance spectra of nanotube dispersions over a wavelength range of 187 to 800 nm. It also provides excellent sensitivity for diffuse reflectance or transmittance of solid, liquid and powder samples using an integrating sphere.

Optical Microscope

Fixed Stage Upright Microscope System (Olympus BX51W1) with Hamamatsu ORCA-R2 digital deep cooled CCD camera (C10600) assists the characterization of dispersion microstructures of nanomaterials, including the dispersion state at various concentrations and birefringent textures of liquid crystalline systems.

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