Instructor: Miron Kaufman

Class meets on: M and W 4:00-5:50PM in SI-147 or SI-117A.

Prerequisites: MTH181,182,281, PHY241 (or 243 or 243H) ,242 (or 244 or 244H).
Textbook: Callen: Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics; Halliday, Resnick, Walker Fundamentals of Physics part II; Miron Kaufman Thermal Physics Computational Projects
Recomended Books: Schroeder An Introduction to Thermal Physics, Espinola Introduction to Thermophysics, Zemansky and Dittman Heat and Thermodynamics; Morse Thermal Physics; Reif Statistical and Thermal Physics

Tentative Schedule

  • Week#1 Fluids, Mechanical Work, Mathematics for Thermodynamics
  • Week#2,3,4,5 Ideal gas and van der Waals equation of state. First Law
  • Week#6 Second Law, Heat Engines, CarnotStirling cycles
  • Week#7,8 Joule and Joule-ThomsonExperiments
  • Week#9 Black Body Radiation
  • Week#10,11 Thermodynamic Potentials: HelmholtzGibbs, enthalpy; Stability, Maxwell Relations
  • Week#12 Third (Nernst)Law
  • Week#13,14 Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, ClausiusClapeyron Equation
  • Week#15 Summary of Thermodynamics Principles

  • Last day to withdraw: F November 2
  • No classes: M September 3, M October 8

Exams Schedule

  • Exam #1,M October 22
  • Final Exam M, December 10

The final grade is a weighted average of:

  • Exam #1 30%
  • Exam #2 40%
  • Homework, Quizzes 10%
  • Computer Project 20%

Part of the course are 6 computer projects in the Physics Department Computer Lab SI-117A and one lab experiment on the following dates:

  • W, September 5:
    Computer lab #0– MathCad tutorial and Example of maximum change in entropy
  • W, September 19:
    Computer lab #1- Estimate the mass of the atmosphere
  • W, October 3:
    Computer lab #2- Stirling cycle heat engine
  • W, October 17:
    Computer lab #3- Stability of Dry Air and Brunt-Vaisala Oscillations
  • W October31
    Computer lab #4- Ruchardt method for Cp/Cv
  • W, November 14:
    Experiment Ruchardt method for Cp/Cv
  • W, November 28:
    Computer lab #5- Van Der Waals Equation of State


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