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Shawn D. Ryan
Rhodes Tower 1538
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH 44115
s.d.ryan ‘at’
Office: RT 1538

Mailing Address:
2121 Euclid Ave. RT 1538
Cleveland, OH 44115

My Erdos number is 4.

Math Genology Project: (Lineage)
S. D. Ryan (Penn State University 2014)
L. Berlyand (Kharkiv State University 1984)
E. Y. Khruslov (Kharkiv State University 1965)
V. A. Marchenko (Kharkiv State University 1948)
N. S. Landkof (National University of Kiev 1940)
M. A. Lavrentjev (Moscow State University 1933)
N. N. Luzin (Moscow State University 1915)
D. F. Ergorov (Moscow State University 1901)
N. V. Bugaev (Moscow State University 1866)
J. Liouville (Faculte des Sciences 1836) & K. Weirstrauss (U. Konigsburg 1854)
S. Poisson (Ecole Polytechnique 1800)
J. L. Lagrange (Universita di Torino 1754) and P.-S. Laplace –> J. d’Alembert
L. Euler (U. Basel 1726)
Johann Bernoulli (U. Basel 1690)
Jacob Bernoulli (U. Basel 1676)
G. Leibniz (Altdorf 1666)
E. Weigel (Leipzig 1650)

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