My research is in combinatorial and computational algebraic geometry. I am particularly interested in toric varieties, their applications to sparse polynomial systems, combinatorics and geometry of polyhedra, and coding theory. Recently, I have been also working on geometric inequalities involving mixed volumes.


  1. The volume polynomial of lattice polygons (with J. Soprunova) preprint, see GitHub for code
  2. The poset of binary CSS-T quantum codes and cyclic codes (with E. Camps, H. López, G. Matthews, D. Ruano, and R. San-José) preprint
  3. Relative hulls and quantum codes (with S. Anderson, E. Camps, H. López, G. Matthews, and D. Ruano) preprint
  4. Plücker-type inequalities for mixed areas and intersection numbers of curve arrangements (with G. Averkov) International Math Research Notices, vol 2023, issue 18, (2023) 16015–16050
  5. 𝔽q-zeros of sparse trivariate polynomials and toric 3-fold codes (with K. Meyer and J. Soprunova) SIAM Applied Algebra and Geometry, vol 6, issue 3 (2022), see also GitHub for code
  6. Coding theory package for Macaulay2 (with T. Ball, E. Camps, H. Chimal-Dzul, D. Jaramillo-Velez, H. López, N. Nichols, M. Perkins, G. Vera-Martínez, and G. Whieldon) Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry, vol 11 (2021) 117-122
  7. The dual of an evaluation code (with H. López and R. Villarreal) Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 89, (2021) 1367-1403
  8. Classification of triples of lattice polytopes with a given mixed volume (with G. Averkov and C. Borger) Discrete & Computational Geometry, 66, (2021) 165-202 , see also GitHub for data and code
  9. Inequalities between mixed volumes of convex bodies: volume bounds for the Minkowski sum (with G. Averkov and C. Borger) Mathematika 66 (2020) 1003-1027
  10. Monomial-Cartesian codes and their duals, with applications to LCD codes, quantum codes, and locally recoverable codes (with H. López and G. Matthews) Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 88, no 8, (2020) 1673-1685
  11. Wulff shapes and a characterization of simplices via a Bezout type inequality (with C. Saroglou and A. Zvavitch) Advances in Mathematics 357 (2019) 106789
  12. Criteria for strict monotonicity of the mixed volume of convex polytopes (with F. Bihan) Advances in Geometry, vol 19, issue 4 (2019) 527-540
  13. Generalized multiplicities of edge ideals (with A. Alilooee and J. Validashti) Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, vol 47, issue 3 (2018) 441-472 
  14. Characterization of simplices via the Bezout Inequality for Mixed volumes (with C. Saroglou and A. Zvavitch) Proceedings of AMS, vol 144, no 12, (2016) 5333-5340
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  18. Lattice polytopes in coding theory Journal of Algebra Combinatorics Discrete Structures and Applications, vol 2, no 2 (2015) 85-94
  19. Tropical determinant on transportation polytope (with S. Gajula and J. Soprunova) Linear Algebra and its Applications, vol 475, no 15 (2015) 28-44
  20. On dual toric complete intersection codes (with P. Celebi Demirarslan) Finite Fields and Their Applications, vol 33 (2015) 118-136
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  30. Parshin’s symbols and residues, and Newton polyhedra Ph.D. Thesis, University of Toronto (2002)
  31. Symbols and residues on surfaces preprint (2001)
  32. A short proof of the Prime Number Theorem for arithmetic progressions (1998) This paper was written in response to Don Zagier’s paper “Newman’s Short Proof of the Prime Number Theorem”
  33. Patching theorem in quadratic Serre’s conjecture Fundam. Prikl. Mat. 3, no 1 (1997) 255-261 (in Russian)
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