the academic server

The Academic Server,, is a Sun 420R Unix machine, running Solaris 2.8, with a Netscape Enterprise 3.6 webserver (and an Apache server for WebCT). This machine, provided by Information Technology and Academic Innovation, is devoted to academic (as opposed to administration-oriented) pursuits. We staff offer our services to CSU faculty and students in furtherance of the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

This server is the site on which professors' webpages for their courses should be placed. This can be done in the traditional way or through WebCT (Web Course Tools, from the WebCT Corporation, initially developed by the University of British Columbia). To do the former, the professor requires a Unix account on this server. To do the latter, a "WebCT" account is required, one for each course. See links below.

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This site is never complete. More information continues to be added.

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