Multipurpose Rotordynamic Test Rig

Multipurpose Rotordyanmic Test Rig

The multipurpose rotordynamic test rig is a versatile platform for demonstrating all the phenomenon in classical rotordyanamics such as unbalance response, the gyroscopic effect, and alignment issues. It is protected from unwanted vibrations by and optical grade vibration isolation table. The system used modular construction so it can be easily reconfigured. For example shaft diameter, disk location, number of disks, bearing type, etc. can all be reconfigured.

The rotor has modular design to be easily reconfigurable.

The condition of the system is monitored with eddy current noncontact position probes. The probes can also be easily reconfigured. The probes are often used in perpendicular pairs to measure orbits.

Eddy Current Noncontact Position Probes

This test rig has also been augmented with a magnetic bearing (not shown in picture) to perform research in the area of active vibration control and the mixing of traditional and novel supports.

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