This page lists students who are currently part of RoMaDyC and working on projects, as well as former students who have gone on to work for various companies.

Current Students

Name: Jason Wiebrecht
Standing: 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering PhD Student
Originally From: Tallmadge, Ohio
Education: BSBME – The University of Akron
Research Interests: Pediatric exoskeleton design

Name: Jake Strick
Standing: 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering PhD Student
Originally From: Columbus, Ohio
Education: BSME – Ohio Northern University
Research Interests: Exoskeleton control

Name: Peter Vidziunas
Standing: 1st Year Mechanical Engineering PhD Student
Originally From: Aurora, Ohio
Education: BSME – Cleveland State University
Research Interests: Rotordynamics

Previous Doctoral Students

Ryan J. MaddenAutoliv, Michigan2016Development of Robust Control Techniques Towards Damage Identification
Alexander H. PeschHofstra University2013Development of Chatter Attenuation Robust Control for an AMB Machining Spindle
Adam C. WroblewskiNASA-ASRC Aerospace, Inc.2011Model Identification, Updating, and Validation of an Active Magnetic Bearing High-Speed Machining Spindle for Precision Machining Operation
Albert JuhaszNASA Glenn Research Center2005Analysis and Numerical Optimization Modeling of Closed Cycle Gas Turbine Space Power Systems with Nuclear Heat Sources
Xi WuCalifornia Polytechnic State University2005Vibration-Based Crack-Induced Damage Detection of Shaft-Disk Systems
Kenneth R. BischofWaukesha Bearings Corporation2002Dynamics and Control of Magnetically Levitated High-Speed Rigid Rotor to Produce N-waved Orbits
Michael EngesserTRW-Germany2000Development and Analysis of a New Hydrodynamic Spindle Support to Improve Manufacturing Performance of Precision Grinding Machines
Biao YuCaterpillar Inc.1999Lubrication Analysis in the Design of Reciprocating Machinery

Previous Masters Students

Alexander MichlbergerLubrizol2013Development of Test Methodology for Evaluation of Fuel Economy in Motorcycle Engines
Rosemarie MortonSwagelok2012Vibration Analysis – A Diagnostic Tool for Machinery Health Monitoring as Part of Predictive Maintenance
Volodymyr MykhaylyshynWaukesha Bearings2011Application of Active Magnetic Force Actuator for Control of Flexible Rotor System Vibrations
Yunlu LiBMW China2011Modeling and Performance Investigation of A Rotor with Dissimilar Bearing Support System
Ryan Madden 2010Identification of Unmodelled Dynamics in Rotor Systems using Mu-Synthesis Approach
Dmitry L. StorozhevGE Energy2009Smart Rotating Machines for Structural Health Monitoring
Timothy M. ObrzutMTD Products2009Non-Collocation Problems in Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems
Alexander H. Pesch 2008Damage Detection of Rotors Using AMB – Analysis and Experimental Verification
Adam WroblewskiNASA Glenn Research Center2008Health Monitoring of Cracked Rotor Systems Using External Excitation Techniques
Jeremy D. PettinatoPhilips Medical Systems2008Development of Effective Balancing Procedure for CT Scanner
John M. JurnsNASA Glenn Research Center2007Flow of Sub-Cooled Metastable Cryogens through a Joule Thomson Device
Robert S. TekeskyEaton Corporation2006Stresses due to Clutch Torques and Centrifugal Loading at High Speeds
Samuel A. JohanssonPhilips Medical Systems2005Fatigue Life Prediction for Large-Diameter and Elastically-Constrained Ball Bearings
Rahul KallurwarCummins Emission Solution2005Modeling and Performance Characteristics of Magnetically Suspended Machine Tool Spindle
Alex S. Tijo 2004Experimental Study on Spray Evaporative Cooling of High Heat Flux Surfaces
Yongfen GaoCummins Power Generation2004Dynamics and Stability Analysis of Jeffcott Rotor with Rubs
Subose PaiEaton Corporation2004Development and Implementation of an Accurate Orbit Control of a Rigid Rotor Suspended in Active Magnetic Bearings
Azzam Quari 2001Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Rotors with Rubbing
Michael HurrellNASA Glenn Research Center2000Modeling and Control of Magnetically Levitated Flexible Rotors
Kenneth R. BischofWaukesha Bearings1998Theoretical and Experimental Studies in Flexible Rotor-Bearing Systems
Peter D. Spencer 1997A Review of Bond Graph Analysis for the Modeling of Dynamic Physical Systems within one or more Energy Domains
Rabih Al-KhatibAECOM1997Parametric Study of Rubbing in Rotating Machinery
Alan W. HewstonNASA Glenn Research Center1996Attitude Control Subsystem for the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
Ismail Mapara 1995Balanced Modeling and Control of Mechanical Systems
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